1936 Literature Nobelist Eugene crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 1936 Literature Nobelist
2 1936 Nobel winner
3 1970s-'80s House speaker Tip
4 1970's-80's House speaker
5 1994 A.L. batting champ Paul
6 1994 A.L. batting champ
7 '70s-'80s House speaker
8 American Nobelist who wrote "Strange Interlude"
9 'Anna Christie' playwright
10 "Anna Christie" playwright Eugene
11 "Anna Christie" playwright
12 "A Touch of the Poet" playwright
13 "Beyond the Horizon" playwright Eugene
14 "Beyond the Horizon" playwright
15 "Beyond the Horizon" Pulitzer winner
16 "Beyond the Horizon" writer
17 "Ah, Wilderness!" author
18 'Ah, Wilderness!' author 3. Fourth-down arrangement
19 'Ah, Wilderness!' author
20 "Ah, Wilderness!" dramatist
21 'Ah, Wilderness' playwright
22 "Ah, Wilderness!" playwright
23 Al Bundy portrayer Ed
24 Al Bundy portrayer
25 Four-time Pulitzer dramatist
26 Four-time Yankee All-Star Paul
27 His middle name is Gladstone.
28 His moon was for "the Misbegotten"
29 Ed of "Married ... With Children"
30 Ed of "Married With Children"
31 Ed of "Married...With Children"
32 Ed of “Modern Family”
33 Ed of "Modern Family"
34 Chaplin father-in-law
35 "Desire Under the Elms" dramatist
36 "Desire Under the Elms" playwright
37 Broadway's Eugene ___ Theater
38 House Speaker, 1977-86
39 House Speaker Tip
40 Bush Treasury secretary
41 "Ile" playwright
42 James Wright's predecessor
43 Eugene or Tip
44 He wrote "Marco Millions."
45 He wrote "The Hairy Ape."
46 He wrote "The Hairy Ape"
47 Josie Hogan creator
48 Dramatist Eugene
49 Former House Speaker Tip
50 Former House Speaker "Tip"
51 Former Speaker of the House Tip
52 "Man of the House" author Tip
53 "Mourning Becomes Electra" author
54 "Mourning Becomes Electra" playwright
55 'Strange Interlude' playwright
56 Strange Interlude playwright
57 "Strange Interlude" playwright Eugene
58 "Strange Interlude" playwright
59 Vergara's TV hubby
60 'Marco Millions' playwright
61 "The Emperor Jones" playwright
62 "Married...With Children" co-star
63 "The Great God Brown" playwright
64 'The Hairy Ape' playwright
65 "The Hairy Ape" playwright Eugene
66 "The Hairy Ape" playwright
67 'The Iceman Cometh' author
68 "The Iceman Cometh" playwright Eugene
69 "The Iceman Cometh" playwright
70 Playwright Eugene
71 Playwright in the Lowell Swortzell play "Young Eugene"
72 Treasury Secretary Paul
73 "Long Day's Journey Into Night" playwright
74 "Long Day's Journey Into Night" writer
75 "Lazarus Laughed" author
76 "Lazarus Laughed" playwright Eugene
77 "Lazarus Laughed" playwright
78 "Modern Family" actor
79 "Modern Family" co-star
80 "Modern Family" star Ed
81 Nobel winner Eugene
82 Nobelist Eugene
83 Oona or Tip
84 Tip of baseball
85 Tip of Massachusetts
86 Tip of the House
87 U.S. dramatist
88 U.S. playwright

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