1935 Triple Crown winner crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 -- Steaks (beef brand)
2 1935 Derby winner
3 1935 Kentucky Derby winner
4 1935 Triple Crown horse
5 29 + 80
6 6/6/44 beachhead
7 __ Steaks
8 ___ Beach, Normandy
9 ___ Beach, of D-day fame
10 ___ Beach of W.W. II
11 ___ hold 'em (poker game)
12 ___ Hold 'Em (poker variant)
13 American city
14 ___ Steaks (beef brand)
15 ___ Steaks (mail-order company based in Nebraska)
16 ___ Steaks (mail-order meat company)
17 ___ Steaks
18 ____ Beach (D-Day site)
19 Beach at Normandy
20 Beach near Utah?
21 Beach of WWII fame
22 Berkshire Hathaway city
23 Berkshire Hathaway headquarters city
24 Berkshire Hathaway headquarters
25 Berkshire Hathaway's headquarters city
26 Berkshire Hathaway's Nebraska base
27 Big name in steaks
28 Biggest city in Nebraska
29 Birth city of Brando
30 Birthplace of Gerald Ford
31 Birthplace of G.R.F.
32 Birthplace of raisin bran and the Reuben sandwich
33 Birthplace of the Astaires
34 Famed horse or city
35 Insurance center
36 Insurance city
37 Fred Astaire's birthplace
38 CenturyLink Center city
39 Boys Town is a suburb of it
40 Boys Town is near this city.
41 Boys Town, Nebraska, is a suburb of it
42 Boys Town neighbor
43 Hold 'em alternative
44 Hold 'em variation
45 Hold 'em variety named for a Nebraska city
46 Hold'em variety
47 Early Nebraskan
48 Brando's birthplace
49 Brando's hometown
50 Home of a mail order steak business
51 Home of a mail-order steak business
52 Home of a steak-order business
53 Home of Berkshire Hathaway
54 Home of ConAgra Foods
55 Home of ConAgra
56 Home of Creighton University
57 Home of Heartland of America Park
58 Is "somewhere in middle America" to Counting Crows
59 Home of Minor League Baseball's Storm Chasers
60 Certain University of Nebraska campus city
61 Home of the Beef, an indoor football team
62 Home of the College World Series
63 Home of the daily World-Herald
64 Home of Warren Buffett
65 Home to Berkshire Hathaway
66 Home to Clarkson College
67 Home to TD Ameritrade
68 Home to the College World Series
69 Home to Warren Buffett
70 Hometown of Malcolm X
71 Derby winner of 1935
72 Fighter of the Sioux
73 Game similar to Texas hold ’em
74 Buffett's backyard
75 Buffett's base
76 Buffett's birthplace
77 Buffett's headquarters
78 Buffett's home
79 Buffett's hometown
80 Buffett's location
81 Buffett's Nebraska home
82 Gate City of the West
83 "Gate City of the West"
84 Corn Belt city
85 Corn Belt metropolis
86 Cornhusker city
87 Cornhusker State city
88 Cornhusker State hub
89 Cornhusker State metropolis
90 Cornhusker state's largest city
91 Cornhuskers' city
92 Cornhusker's city, perhaps
93 Cornhusker's city
94 Cornhusker's largest city
95 It's across the Missouri from Council Bluffs, Iowa
96 It's across the Missouri from Council Bluffs
97 Council Bluffs neighbor
98 Gerald Ford's birthplace
99 It's larger than Lincoln
100 County seat of Douglas County, Nebraska
101 City about an hour from Lincoln
102 City across the Missouri from Council Bluffs
103 City across the river from Council Bluffs
104 City associated with Warren Buffett
105 City between Sioux City and Kansas City
106 City close to Ralston
107 City downriver from Bismarck
108 City dubbed the “Gateway to the West”
109 City east of Boys Town
110 City famous for steak
111 City in Nebraska
112 City in Peyton Manning audibles
113 It's on the Missouri
114 City just west of Council Bluffs
115 City name famously used by Peyton Manning when calling signals
116 City name on the Wizard of Oz's balloon
117 City named for an Indian tribe
118 City NE of Lincoln
119 City near Boys Town, Neb.
120 City near Boys Town
121 City near Council Bluffs
122 City near Iowa's border
123 Cousin of Texas Hold'Em
124 City near Offutt Air Force Base
125 City northeast of Lincoln
126 City of eastern Nebraska
127 City of Midwest
128 City of Mutual interests?
129 City on Lincoln Highway.
130 City on the Lewis & Clark Trail
131 City on the Missouri River
132 City on the Missouri
133 City on the Mormon Trail
134 City opposite Council Bluffs, Iowa.
135 City opposite Council Bluffs
136 City since 1854
137 City that's home to the Henry Doorly Zoo
138 "It's the heart that matters more" Counting Crows song
139 City where Berkshire Hathaway is headquartered
140 City whose name was often yelled by Peyton Manning
141 City with a University of Nebraska campus
142 Clarkson College locale
143 Creighton University city
144 Creighton University site
145 Headquarters of ConAgra
146 Headquarters of TD Ameritrade
147 Heartland of America Park city
148 Heartland of America Park locale
149 Heartland of America Park setting
150 Capital before Lincoln
151 Capital of Nebraska before Lincoln
152 Food-processing center
153 CTC's HQ city in "Up in the Air"
154 Card game similar to Texas Hold'em
155 Code name for a French beach
156 Code name for a Normandy beach
157 Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium city
158 Henry Doorly Zoo city
159 Indian of Midwest
160 Indian of West
161 D-Day beach
162 D-Day beachhead
163 D-Day code name
164 Former Midwest territorial capital
165 College World Series city
166 College World Series home
167 College World Series host
168 College World Series locale
169 College World Series setting
170 College World Series site
171 Casino poker game
172 Where the College World Series is played
173 Where the Enola Gay plane was built
174 Where the Platte meets the Missouri
175 Where the Union Pacific Railroad started
176 Where Union Pacific is headquartered
177 Where Union Pacific Railroad is headquartered
178 Where Union Pacific Railroad started
179 Place for some Nebraskans
180 Town in Nebraska where Malcolm X was born
181 Plains tribe
182 "Wild Kingdom" sponsor Mutual of ___
183 ''Wild Kingdom'' sponsor Mutual of ___
184 Marlon Brando's birthplace
185 Marlon Brando's Nebraska birthplace
186 Transcontinental railroad city
187 The Oracle of ___ (Buffett epithet)
188 "The Oracle of ___" (epithet for Warren Buffett)
189 The Oracle of ___ (nickname for Warren Buffett)
190 "The Oracle of ___" (Warren Buffett nickname)
191 The Oracle of ___ (Warren Buffett sobriquet)
192 Lincoln neighbor
193 Mutual city?
194 Mutual of __
195 Mutual of ___ (Cigna rival)
196 Mutual of ___ (insurance company based in Nebraska)
197 Mutual of ___ (insurance company)
198 Mutual of ___ (insurance giant)
199 Mutual of ___
200 Mutual of _____
201 Mutual of --- insurance company
202 W. W. II beach
203 Triple Crown horse: 1935
204 Triple-Crown horse
205 Triple Crown horse
206 Triple Crown winner, 1935
207 Triple Crown winner: 1935
208 Triple Crown winner
209 Triple Crown winner whose sire, Gallant Fox, was also a Triple Crown winner
210 Triple-Crown winner
211 Triple crown-winning thoroughbred, 1935
212 N.A. Indian
213 Shout from Peyton Manning
214 Poker game similar to Texas Hold 'em
215 Poker game with four hole cards
216 Poker variant named for a city
217 Poker variant
218 Poker variety
219 Memorable D-Day beach
220 Locale-inspired Counting Crows song
221 Locale of a University of Nebraska campus
222 Large city in Nebraska
223 Larger than Lincoln
224 Largest city in Nebraska
225 Largest city in the Cornhusker State
226 Largest city in the state where Lincoln is the capital
227 Largest city of Nebraska
228 Largest Cornhusker city
229 N.C.A.A. World Series site
230 Neb. Indian
231 Neb. metropolis
232 Nebraska birthplace of Malcolm X
233 Nebraska birthplace of Marlon Brando
234 Nebraska city across from Council Bluffs
235 Nebraska city associated with steaks
236 Nebraska city famous for steals
237 Nebraska city medical group?
238 Nebraska city name on the Wizard of Oz's hot-air balloon
239 Nebraska city named for a tribe
240 Nebraska city near Boys Town
241 Nebraska city near Iowa
242 Nebraska city on the Missouri River
243 Nebraska city on the Missouri
244 Nebraska city or tribe
245 Nebraska city that is also a variety of poker
246 Nebraska city where Berkshire Hathaway is headquartered
247 Nebraska city where Gerald Ford was born
248 Nebraska city where Malcolm X was born
249 Nebraska city where Marlon Brando was born
250 Nebraska city with the motto "Gateway to the West"
251 Nebraska city
252 Nebraska home of America's largest indoor rain forest
253 Nebraska home of Berkshire Hathaway
254 Nebraska hometown of Warren Buffett
255 Nebraska hub
256 Nebraska Indian
257 Nebraska locale of Saddle Creek records
258 Nebraska metropolis
259 Nebraska native
260 Nebraska steak hub
261 Nebraska town that is headquarters to ConAgra
262 Nebraska tribe
263 Nebraskan city
264 Nebraskan Indian
265 Nebraskan metropolis
266 Nebraska's biggest city
267 Nebraska's capital before Lincoln
268 Nebraska's first capital
269 Nebraska's largest city
270 Nebraska's most populated city
271 Nebraska's most populous city
272 Nebraska's territorial capital
273 Metropolis on the Missouri
274 Neighbor of Boys Town
275 Mid-American Indian
276 Midwest city on I-80
277 Midwest city whose name is a poker variety
278 Midwest city
279 Midwest home of ConAgra
280 Midwest metropolis
281 Midwest stop on the transcontinental railroad
282 Midwestern base for Gallup, Inc.
283 Midwestern city associated with steaks
284 Midwestern city where the TV dinner, the Top 40 radio format, and the bobby pin were invented (not all at once)
285 Midwestern city
286 Midwestern home of the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
287 Midwestern home of Triple-A's Storm Chasers
288 Midwestern metropolis
289 Midwestern U.S. city
290 Pre-Lincoln capital
291 Missouri River city
292 Missouri River port
293 Peyton Manning's popular audible
294 Mail-order steakhouse
295 Major city on the Missouri
296 Normandy beach
297 Normandy beachhead
298 Opera ___ (Nebraska musical company)
299 Operation Overlord beach
300 Oracle of __ (Buffett)
301 Oracle of __ (Warren Buffett)
302 Malcolm X's birth city
303 Malcolm X's birthplace
304 Malcolm X's Nebraska birthplace
305 The Wizard of ___ (nickname of Warren Buffett)
306 The Wizard of Oz's hometown
307 Warren Buffet, the Oracle of ___
308 Warren Buffet's hometown
309 Warren Buffett's city
310 Warren Buffett's headquarters
311 Warren Buffett's home
312 Warren Buffett's Nebraska hometown
313 Siouan Indian
314 Siouan language
315 Siouan people
316 Siouan tongue
317 Siouan tribe
318 Siouan
319 Sioux adversary
320 Site of ConAgra's headquarters
321 Site of TD Ameritrade's headquarters
322 Site of the College World Series
323 Third horse to win the Triple Crown
324 Western Indian
325 W.W. II beach
326 W.W. II invasion beach
327 WWII beach
328 WWII beachhead
329 Union Pacific headquarters
330 Union Pacific Railroad headquarters
331 Union Pacific Railroad's headquarters city
332 Union Pacific terminus
333 Union Pacific's headquarters
334 University of Nebraska campus site
335 University of Nebraska city
336 Seat of Douglas County, Nebraska
337 "Up in the Air" setting
338 State capital before Lincoln
339 What's bigger than Lincoln in Nebraska?
340 "STATE FAIR ___" (words on the Wizard of Oz's hot-air balloon)
341 U.S. beef center
342 U.S. city
343 U.S. Olympic swim trial host city in 2008, 2012 and 2016
344 U.S. Triple Crown winner of 1935
345 Steak city of Nebraska
346 Whence the Wizard of Oz "lifted" his balloon
347 Sen. Butler's city.
348 Where Boys Town was founded
350 Where Fred and Adele Astaire were born
351 Texas hold 'em alternative
352 Texas Hold 'Em cousin
353 Texas hold 'em relative
354 Texas Hold'em alternative
355 Texas Hold'em cousin often played high-low

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