1935 Astaire film crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (TOPHAT), we also found 73 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1935 Astaire film.

Count Answer
1 1935 Astaire movie
2 1935 Astaire-Rogers musical
3 1935 Astaire/Rogers film
4 1935 Astaire/Rogers musical
5 1935 dance classic
6 1935 Fred Astaire film
7 1935 Rogers-Astaire classic
8 Abraham Lincoln's head covering
9 Accessory for Mr. Peanut
10 Astaire accouterment
11 Astaire film
12 Astaire headwear
13 Astaire hit: 1935
14 Astaire movie
15 Astaire musical of 1935
16 Astaire-Rogers film: 1935
17 Astaire-Rogers film
18 Astaire-Rogers hit
19 Astaire wear
20 Astaire/Rogers musical
21 Astaire/Rogers screwball comedy
22 Attire accompanying a cane
23 Attire for Astaire
24 Bit of formalwear
25 Fred Astaire signature item
26 Bowler alternative
27 Complement to tails
28 Chapeau for Lincoln
29 It goes with tails
30 ''Cheek to Cheek'' movie
31 Items for heads with tails?
32 Diplomat's necessity.
33 Classy chapeau
34 Jaunty Monopoly token
35 Cane accompanier, maybe
36 Cane accompanier
37 Headgear for Frosty
38 Headpiece worn with tails
39 Headwear seen on the cover of "Guitar Hero III"
40 Crowning touch for Uncle Sam
41 Downton Abbey headgear
42 Formal headdress
43 Formal headgear
44 Formal headwear
45 Formal wear
46 Collapsible accessory
47 Original Monopoly token still in use
48 Man's opera wear
49 Mr. Peanut prop
50 Mr. Peanut sports one
51 Something worn by the answer to each starred clue, as represented graphically in this puzzle's grid
52 Lincoln cap
53 W. C. Fields headgear
54 Part of Mr. Peanut's outfit
55 Part of Uncle Sam's outfit
56 Lofty lid
57 Passé opera house garb
58 One getting tipped at a fancy supper club?
59 One of the original Monopoly tokens still in use
60 Opera-going attire
61 Monopoly piece
62 Monopoly token since 1937
63 Monopoly token
64 Signature wear for Astaire
65 Tails accessory
66 Tails partner
67 Uncle Sam feature
68 Uncle Sam headgear
69 Uncle Sam's headcovering, in its place?
70 Uncle Sam's headwear
71 What a magician pulls a rabbit out of
72 Tall accessory
73 Tall chapeau

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