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Count Answer
1 1917 Theda Bara role, informally
2 1963 Liz Taylor role
3 1963 role for Liz
4 $1.99-a-minute psychic Miss ___
5 '63 Liz Taylor role
6 '63 role for Liz
7 900-line psychic Miss ___
8 __ de Nile (Ramses' Monster High daughter doll)
9 "___ From 5 to 7," 1962 film
10 An Afr. queen
11 Barge owner, for short
12 Ancient Egyptian queen, for short
13 Ancient Nile queen
14 Ancient queen, familiarly
15 Ancient queen, for short
16 Ancient queen of the Nile, for short
17 Animated goldfish
18 A Laine of songdom
19 Antony's love, briefly
20 Antony's love briefly
21 Antony's love, for short
22 Antony's mistress
23 Asp victim for short
24 Asp victim, for short
25 Asp's victim, for short
26 Big role for Liz Taylor
27 Big role for Liz
28 African queen of long ago
29 African queen of old, familiarly
30 Bitten one, for short
31 Alexandrian V.I.P.
32 Boston band Letters to ___
33 Boston rockers Letters to ___
34 Historic nickname
35 Deadly hurricane of 1964
36 Fatally poisoned royal, for short
37 Friend of Pinocchio
38 Chanteuse Laine
39 Femme fatale of yore, familiarly
40 Femme fatale of yore
41 Femme fatale role for Liz
42 Egyptian charmer
43 Egyptian nickname
44 Egyptian played by Liz
45 Egyptian portrayed by Liz
46 Egyptian queen, familiarly
47 Egyptian queen, for short
48 Egyptian queen, informally
49 Egyptian queen played by Liz Taylor, for short
50 Egyptian queen played by Liz Taylor
51 Egyptian queen played by Liz
52 Egyptian queen who was married to Mark Antony, for short
53 Egyptian queen's nickname
54 Egypt's last ruling Ptolemy, familiarly
55 Figaro's friend in "Pinocchio"
56 Elizabeth Taylor role, in brief
57 Elizabeth Taylor role, informally
58 Elizabeth Taylor role of '63
59 Elmer Gantry's wife
60 Gantry's wife
61 Film role for Liz
62 First-century B.C. pharaoh, briefly
63 Geppetto's goldfish
64 Geppetto's pet goldfish in "Pinocchio"
65 Geppetto's pet goldfish
66 Geppetto's pet in "Pinocchio"
67 Fish with a ". . . Roger Rabbit" cameo
68 Disney character
69 Disney goldfish
70 Caesar's girl friend
71 Caesar's lover
72 Classic Liz Taylor part
73 Classic Liz Taylor role
74 Classic role for Liz Taylor
75 Claudette Colbert title role, in brief
76 Cleopatra to her pals
77 "Clifford the Big Red Dog" poodle
78 Clifford's purple poodle pal
79 Dog in the sitcom "The People's Choice"
80 Jazz great Laine
81 Jazz singer, ___ Laine
82 Jazz singer Laine
83 Jazz vocalist Laine
84 Jazzy Laine
85 Exotic Liz Taylor role
86 Goldfish in "Pinocchio"
87 "Here & Now" Letters to ___
88 Heroine in a play by Will
89 Infomercial psychic Miss ___
90 Former TV ad psychic Miss ___
91 Former TV psychic Miss ___
92 "Pinocchio" character voiced by Mel Blanc
93 'Pinocchio' fish
94 ''Pinocchio'' goldfish
95 'Pinocchio' goldfish
96 "Pinocchio" goldfish
97 Pinocchio's fish
98 Piscine "Pinocchio" character
99 Psychic "Miss" in late-night 1990s ads
100 Psychic Miss
101 Noted Egyptian queen, informally
102 Purple poodle in the "Clifford" series
103 Marc Antony's love, familiarly
104 Marc Antony's love, for short
105 Marc Antony's lover, informally
106 Marc's lady
107 Marc's love
108 Rock's Letters to ___
109 Mark's love, casually
110 Mark's love
111 Role for Liz in '63
112 Role for Liz Taylor
113 Role for Liz
114 Will heroine
115 Role for Vivian Leigh.
116 The goldfish in "Pinocchio"
117 Queen, for short
118 Queen killed by an asp, familiarly
119 Queen killed by an asp
120 Queen Latifah's role in "Set It Off"
121 Queen Latifah's "Set It Off" role
122 Queen of the Nile, briefly
123 Queen of the Nile, familiarly
124 Queen of the Nile, for short
125 Queen of the Nile, informally
126 Queen of the Nile
127 Queen played by Liz in 1963
128 Queen played by Liz
129 Queen who styled herself as Isis, familiarly
130 Queenly name
131 Queenly nickname
132 Queenly role for Liz, briefly
133 Queenly role for Liz
134 Queen's nickname
135 Rosabella's friend in "The Most Happy Fella"
136 "The Most Happy Fella" waitress
137 Songstress Laine
138 "The People's Choice" deadpan dog
139 "The People's Choice" dog
140 Royal role for Liz Taylor
141 Royal role for Liz
142 Old African queen, familiarly
143 Name of the goldfish in Disney's "Pinocchio"
144 Ladies wear retailer
145 Laine of jazz fame
146 Laine of jazz
147 Laine with Grammys in three categories
148 Poodle in "Clifford" books
149 Poodle pal of Clifford the Big Red Dog
150 Liz played her
151 Liz Taylor role: 1963
152 Liz's Egyptian role
153 Liz's role
154 Memorable 1964 Florida hurricane
155 Memorable role for Liz
156 Popular cat name
157 Long-ago queen of Egypt, for short
158 Last Ptolemaic ruler, informally
159 Last ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty, informally
160 One of the Staple Singers
161 Legendary ruler of Egypt, informally
162 Miss ___ (late-night psychic in 1990s TV commercials)
163 Miss ___ (late TV psychic)
164 Miss ___ (psychic charged by the FCC)
165 Miss ___ (psychic of TV ads)
166 Miss ___ (psychic who totally faked that Jamaican accent)
167 Miss of psychic fame
168 Nile queen, briefly
169 Nile queen, casually
170 Nile queen, familiarly
171 Nile queen, for short
172 Nile queen, informally
173 Nile queen nickname
174 Nile queen once played by Elizabeth Taylor, for short
175 Nile queen's nickname
176 Lethally poisoned ruler, familiarly
177 Letters to ___ ('90s rock band)
178 Letters to ___ "Here and Now"
179 Letters to ___
180 TV psychic Miss ___
181 Singer Laine
182 Singer/actress Laine
183 Splashy 1963 film title role, for short
184 Working girl's dress shop
185 Title female role in Shakespeare, informally

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