1933 gp. with a Blue Eagle poster crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 1933 gp. with a Blue Eagle poster. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
NRA 3 1933 gp. with a Blue Eagle poster 100%
NRA 3 1934 gp. with a Blue Eagle poster 96.969696969697%
NRA 3 1930s org. with a blue eagle logo 72.727272727273%
AAA 3 Gp. with a blue-and-red logo 52.459016393443%
AERIE 5 1972 John Denver album with an eagle on its cover 51.219512195122%
NRA 3 Blue Eagle gp. 51.063829787234%
NRA 3 1933 agency. 35.555555555556%
CODE 4 --- blue (medical emergency) 32.786885245902%
AMI 3 '-- Blue?' 23.255813953488%
AMI 3 "--- Blue?" 22.727272727273%
ELO 3 "10538 Overture" gp. 22.641509433962%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (NRA), we also found 667 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1933 gp. with a Blue Eagle poster.

Count Answer
1 1930s Depression-fighting org.
2 1930's Depression org.
3 1930's inits.
4 1930s org. with a blue eagle logo
5 1930's program, for short
6 1933 agency.
7 1934 gp. with a Blue Eagle poster
8 2nd Amendment advocacy group: Abbr.
9 2nd Amendment advocate
10 2nd amendment lobby
11 2nd Amendment lobbying org.
12 2nd Amendment org.
13 3-million-member sporting grp.
14 30's agcy.
15 '30s "fair competition" agcy.
16 American Hunter magazine grp.
17 "American Hunter" org.
18 "American Hunter" publisher
19 American Hunter publisher
20 America's 1st Freedom org.
21 America's 1st Freedom publisher
22 "America's First Freedom" publisher
23 A 1933 U.S. agency
24 Anti-Brady Bill gp.
25 Anti-Brady Bill org.
26 Anti-Brady bunch, briefly
27 Anti-Depression agency
28 Anti-gun-control org.
29 Arm band, for short?
30 Arm supporters, for short?
31 Arm supporters, for short
32 Arm-y gp.?
33 Arm-y grp.?
34 Armed org.
35 Arms-bearing lobby (abbr.)
36 Arms-defending org.
37 Arms-loving grp.
38 Arms org.
39 Big DC lobby
40 Big D.C. lobby
41 Big D.C. lobbyist
42 Big gun gp.
43 Big gun lobby: Abbr.
44 Big-guns DC lobby
45 Big guns in a lobby?
46 Big guns in D.C. lobbying?
47 Big guns in D.C.?
48 Big inits. for hunters
49 Big lobby in D.C.
50 Big pol. campaign donor
51 Advocacy group that opposes gun control: Abbr.
52 Agcy. with an eagle
53 Agency of 1930's
54 Agency of 30's
55 Agency of the 1930's
56 Agency of the '30's
57 Agency of the 30's
58 Agency under FDR
59 Blue Eagle agcy. of the 30's
60 Blue Eagle agcy.
61 Blue Eagle gp.
62 "Blue Eagle" initials
63 Blue Eagle initials
64 Blue Eagle inits.
65 Blue Eagle letters.
66 Blue Eagle letters
67 Blue Eagle meas.
68 "Blue Eagle" measure
69 Blue Eagle measure
70 Blue Eagle monogram
71 Blue Eagle org. of the 1930s
72 Blue Eagle org.
73 Blue Eagle's initials.
74 Body with many arms: Abbr.
75 Body with many arms, briefly
76 Body with many arms, for short
77 Ally org. of Second Amendment Sisters
78 Gp. to which Michael Moore belongs
79 Gp. whose bag is packing?
80 Gp. with arms
81 Gp. with carriers
82 Gp. with many arms
83 Gp. with many hunters
84 Gp. with many pieces
85 D.C. gun lobby
86 D.C. lobby org.
87 D.C. lobbying grp.
88 DC lobbyist
89 "Freedom's Safest Place" org.
90 "Bowling for Columbine" org.
91 #Boycott___ (gun-control activists' hashtag)
92 Eagle of the 30's
93 Brady Bill opponent
94 Brady Bill opponent (abbr.)
95 Brady bill opponent, briefly
96 Brady bill opposer
97 Brady Campaign foe in the fight for gun control (abbr.)
98 Brady Campaign opponent: Abbr.
99 Brady Campaign opposer, for short
100 Early FDR creation
101 Company count?
102 FDR agency
103 F.D.R. agency
104 FDR-created agency with the slogan "We do our part"
105 F.D.R.-created program with the slogan "We Do Our Part"
106 F.D.R.-era agcy.
107 FDR-era agency
108 FDR "fair practices" agency
109 FDR fair-wage program
110 F.D.R. initiative
111 F.D.R. measure
112 FDR minimum-wage agency
113 F.D.R. org.
114 FDR prog.
115 F.D.R. program
116 FDR program
117 F.D.R. project
118 F.D.R.'s Blue Eagle grp.
119 F.D.R.'s Blue Eagle
120 FDR's brainchild
121 F.D.R.'s brainchild
122 FDR's fair practices org.
123 FDR's price control agcy.
124 FDR's price-control agency
125 "From my cold, dead hands" gp.
126 "From my cold, dead hands" org.
127 "From my cold, dead hands!" org.
128 "From my cold, dead hands!" sloganeer
129 Group for gun enthusiasts: Abbr.
130 Group for gun owners: Abbr.
131 Group for pistol owners: Abbr.
132 Group for shooters: Abbr.
133 Group formerly headed by Charlton Heston: Abbr.
134 Federal agcy.: 1933–36
135 Group of guns: abbr.
136 Group of piece advocates?
137 Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program org.
138 Eddie Eagle's org.
139 Group once headed by Charlton Heston: Abbr.
140 Group opposed to gun control legislation: Abbr.
141 Concealed carry advocates: Abbr.
142 Concealed carry lobby
143 Concealed carry org.
144 Group that lobbies for gun rights: Abbr.
145 Group that opposes gun control: Abbr.
146 Group that publishes American Hunter magazine: Abbr.
147 Group that publishes American Rifleman magazine: Abbr.
148 Group that publishes Shooting Illustrated magazine: Abbr.
149 Group that supports gun rights: Abbr.
150 Group that supports open carry laws: Abbr.
151 Group that supports the 2nd Amendment: Abbr.
152 Grp. all fired up about firing?
153 Grp. at home on the range?
154 Grp. focused on heat?
155 Grp. on the range
156 Grp. on the range?
157 Grp. opposed by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
158 Grp. opposing comprehensive gun safety legislation
159 Grp. promoting the Great American Outdoor Show
160 Grp. sponsoring the Muzzle Loading Championship
161 Grp. that brings the heat?
162 Grp. that doesn't spare the rod?
163 Grp. that gets the lead out?
164 Grp. that sticks to its guns
165 Grp. that sticks to their guns
166 Grp. that wants to pack
167 Grp. that's pleased to aim?
168 Grp. vigorously backing the Second Amendment
169 Grp. whose first presidential endorsement was for Reagan
170 Grp. whose mascot is Eddie Eagle
171 Grp. whose membership increased 10% after Sandy Hook
172 Grp. with a firearms museum
173 Grp. with a piece plan?
174 Grp. with a Range Services section on its website
175 Depression agcy.
176 Depression agency: Abbr.
177 Depression agency
178 Depression antidote, for short
179 Depression-era agcy.
180 Depression era prog.
181 Depression-era prog.
182 Depression fighter: Abbr.
183 Depression initials
184 Depression letters
185 Depression meas.
186 Depression org.
187 Charlton Heston once led it: Abbr.
188 Charlton Heston org.
189 Charlton Heston was its pres.
190 Charlton Heston was once its pres.
191 Charlton Heston's grp.
192 Charlton Heston's org.
193 Gun advocacy grp.
194 Gun-carrier's org.
195 Gun-control opp.
196 Gun enthusiast's gp.
197 Gun enthusiast's grp.
198 Gun enthusiasts' org.
199 Gun enthusiast's org.
200 Gun fanciers' org.
201 Gun gp.
202 Gun group: Abbr.
203 Gun group that was once led by Charlton Heston: Abbr.
204 Gun grp.
205 Gun Law opposers
206 Gun lobby
207 Gun lobby (abbr.)
208 Gun lobby: Abbr.
209 Gun lobby, briefly
210 Gun lobby gp.
211 Gun lobby group: Abbr.
212 Gun lobby grp.
213 Gun lobby inits.
214 Gun lobby letters
215 Gun-lobby org.
216 Gun lobby org.
217 Gun lobbying org.
218 Gun lobbyists' gp.
219 Gun lobbyists' org.
220 Gun lovers' lobby (abbr.)
221 Gun lovers' org.
222 Gun org. full of people who *get* me
223 Gun org.
224 Gun-owner rights organization: Abbr.
225 Gun owners' advocacy group: Abbr.
226 Gun owners' gp.
227 Gun owners' group: Abbr.
228 Gun owners' group whose 1998-2003 president was actor Charlton Heston: Abbr.
229 Gun owners' grp.
230 Gun owners' lobbying group: Abbr.
231 Gun owner's org.
232 Gun-owners' org.
233 Gun-owners org.
234 Gun-owner's org.
235 Gun owners' org.
236 Gun owners' organization: Abbr.
237 Gun-rights gp.
238 Gun rights gp.
239 Gun rights group (abbr.)
240 Gun rights grp.
241 Gun rights org.
242 Gun-rights org.
243 Gun rights organization: Abbr.
244 Gun toters' org.
245 Gun-toting gp.
246 Gun touters' gp.
247 Gunmens' org.
248 Gunner's grp.
249 Gunners' org.
250 It has many arms: Abbr.
251 Gunslingers' org.
252 Controversial D.C. lobby
253 Hugh Johnson's org.
254 Gen. Ambrose Burnside was its first president
255 Firearm advocacy group: Abbr.
256 Gen. Burnside was its first president
257 Firearms advocacy group: Abbr.
258 Firearms Museum operator, briefly
259 Firearms org.
260 Firing org.?
261 Firing squad?: Abbr.
262 Hunters' gp.
263 Hunter's gp.
264 Hunters' grp.
265 Hunters' lobby
266 Hunter's org.
267 Hunters' org.
268 Hunting rights lobby gp.
269 Hunting rights org.
270 Its first pres. was Gen. Burnside
271 Its first president was Gen. Ambrose Burnside, briefly
272 Its motto was "We Do Our Part"
273 Its PAC is the Political Victory Fund
274 Civil-liberties org.
275 Important 1930's inits.
276 Important D.C. lobby
277 Heat org.?
278 Heat-seeking grp.?
279 Food service trade org.
280 Golden Bullseye Award org.
281 Carrier's org.
282 Extinct "Blue Eagle"
283 Carrying people, for short?
284 Former Fed. agency
285 Heston affiliation: abbr.
286 Heston headed it: abbr.
287 Heston org.
288 Heston was its pres.
289 Heston's "cold dead hands" gp.
290 Heston's former org.
291 Heston's grp., once
292 Heston's org.
293 Influential D.C. lobby
294 Influential lobby
295 Influential lobbying gp.
296 Former U. S. agency
297 Dana Loesch is its spokesperson
298 Initials in 1933
299 Initials in the 30's
300 Initials of 1930's
301 Initials of 1933
302 Initials of '30s
303 Initials of '30's
304 Initials of the 1930's
305 Initials of the 30's
306 Initials of the '30's
307 Initials often seen in 1933
308 Inits. of 1933
309 Colt fans, for short?
310 Colt fan's org.
311 Colt's fan club?
312 Colt's fans, for short?
313 Colt's fans?
314 Gov. Sarah Palin is a lifetime member of it
315 Govt. agency of the 30's
316 Govt. agency of yore
317 Gp. against gun control laws
318 Gp. backing arms
319 Gp. backing firearms
320 Gp. concerned with magazines
321 Org. with a lot of firing?
322 Org. with a lot of heaters?
323 Org. with an eagle in its logo
324 Org. with an "Eddie Eagle" safety program for kids
325 Org. with frequent firings
326 Org. with good aims?
327 Org. with its arms around the U.S.?
328 Org. with its arms around the U.S.
329 Org. with lots of big shots?
330 Org. with magazines on magazines
331 Org. with many arms
332 Org. with many arms?
333 Org. with many hunters
334 Org. with many magazines
335 Org. with millions of members HQ'd in Fairfax, Va.
336 Org. with range rovers?
337 Org. with some big guns?
338 Org. with the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program
339 Org. with the Eddie Eagle safety program
340 Org. with the longtime leader Wayne LaPierre
341 Org. with the magazine America's 1st Freedom
342 Org. with the program "Refuse to Be a Victim"
343 Org. with the "Shooting Illustrated" magazine
344 Org. with the symbol Eddie Eagle
345 Rifle gp.
346 Organization opposed to gun control: Abbr.
347 "Right to bear arms" gp.
348 Right-to-bear-arms org.
349 "Right to bear arms" org.
350 Notable lobbying org.
351 Pistol PAC-ers?
352 Pistol PAC
353 Pistol-packing org.
354 Pistol-packing proponents' org.
355 Publisher of American Hunter magazine, for short
356 Publisher of American Rifleman
357 Publisher of Shooting Illustrated, for short
358 Publisher of the magazine America's 1st Freedom, for short
359 Many-armed body: Abbr.
360 Many-armed grp.
361 Many-armed org.
362 Many-armed org.?
363 Pump primer of the 30's
364 The Blue Eagle was its sym.
365 March for Our Lives target
366 Whoopi is a mbr. of it
367 Kind of card
368 Some New Deal initials
369 Strong D.C. lobby
370 Sharpshooter's org.
371 Rod squad?: Abbr.
372 Rod squad?
373 Marksman's org.
374 Marksman's organization: Abbr.
375 Marksmanship org. founded in 1871
376 PAC for those who are packing
377 PAC for those who pack?
378 PAC that's packing
379 PAC whose members pack?
380 PAC with pistols
381 Packers' grp.?
382 Packers' org.?
383 Packing gp.?
384 Packing org.?
385 Packing PAC
386 Roosevelt's Blue Eagle org.
387 The Onion: "___ Starts Up Their Shit About What Would Be Even Greater Injustice"
388 "The other __" (annual "Culinary Forecast" publisher)
389 Shooters' gp.
390 Shooter's group (abbr.)
391 Shooters' grp.
392 Shooters' org.
393 Shooter's org.
394 Shooting Illustrated publisher, briefly
395 Shooting Illustrated publisher
396 Shooting match sponsor, for short
397 Shooting org.
398 Shootist's org.
399 Short-lived FDR agency
400 Trigger men?
401 "Trigger the Vote" org.
402 Short-term foreign visitor, to the IRS
403 The Supreme Court outlawed it in '35
404 Political lobby whose mascot is Eddie Eagle: Abbr.
405 Range grp.
406 Range org.
407 Loaded org.?
408 Lobby gp. that's gun ho
409 Lobby in a D.C. building?
410 Lobby with heaters?: Abbr.
411 Lobbying gp. concerned with heat?
412 Lobbying gp. that offers personal protection classes
413 Lobbying group for gun owners: Abbr.
414 Lobbying grp. headquartered in Virginia
415 Lobbying org. in an awkward position nowadays
416 Lobbying org. since 1871
417 Lobbying org. with an intimidating eagle logo
418 Lobbying org.
419 Lobbyist with big guns
420 Oldest U.S. civil liberties org.
421 Natl. Muzzleloading Championship sponsor
422 Large lobbying grp.
423 Powerful DC lobby
424 Powerful D.C. lobby
425 Never Again movement opponent
426 Powerful lobby, briefly
427 Powerful lobby in D.C.
428 Powerful lobby org.
429 Powerful lobby
430 Powerful lobbying org.
431 Powerful org. with HQ in Fairfax, Va.
432 Powerful PAC
433 Powerful pol. lobby
434 New Deal agcy.
435 New Deal agency: abbr.
436 New Deal agency
437 New Deal initials
438 New Deal inits.
439 New Deal legis. act
440 New Deal legis.
441 New Deal letters
442 New Deal meas.
443 New Deal org,
444 New Deal org. concerned with fair practices
445 New Deal org. that created set prices
446 New Deal org. that targeted cutthroat competition
447 New Deal org.
448 New Deal prog.
449 New Deal program: Abbr.
450 Million Mom March target: Abbr.
451 Million Mom March target
452 Pres. Charlton Heston's group
453 Nonprofit org. that once had Ulysses S. Grant as its president
454 Major D.C. lobby
455 Major DC lobby
456 Major group HQ'd in Fairfax, Va.
457 Pro-bump stock grp.
458 Pro-concealed-carry org.
459 Pro-concealed carry org.
460 Pro-firing org.
461 Pro-gun gp.
462 Pro-gun group: Abbr.
463 Pro-gun lobby: Abbr.
464 Pro-gun lobby
465 Pro-gun org.
466 Pro-gun rights org.
467 Pro-hunting grp.
468 Pro-Second Amendment grp.
469 Pro-Second Amendment org.
470 Opposer of background checks: Abbr.
471 Program begun under FDR
472 Program begun under F.D.R.
473 Prominent D.C. lobby
474 Piece activists?
475 Piece activists? (abbr.)
476 Piece activists?: Abbr.
477 Piece activist's gp.?
478 Piece advocates? (abbr.)
479 Piece advocates?: Abbr.
480 Piece advocate's org.
481 Piece corps?: Abbr.
482 Piece corps, briefly?
483 Piece-keeping gp.
484 Piece-keeping group? (abbr.)
485 Piece-keeping grp.?
486 Piece-keeping org.
487 Piece-keeping org.?
488 Piece lovers' org.
489 Piece-loving group? (abbr.)
490 Piece-loving grp.?
491 Piece-loving lobby?
492 Piece-loving org.?
493 Piece-loving org.
494 "Piece"-loving org.
495 "Piece" org.
496 Piece org.?
497 Piecenik org.?
498 Org. against gun control
499 Org. attacked in "Bowling for Columbine"
500 Org. backing arms
501 Org. backing guns
502 Org. behind the magazine America's 1st Freedom
503 Org. Charlton Heston presided over
504 Org. co-founded by Gen. George Wingate
505 Org. concerned about heaters
506 Org. concerned with barrels
507 Org. concerned with firing practices?
508 Org. declared a "domestic terrorist organization" by San Francisco's board of supervisors in 2019
509 Org. defending the Second Amendment
510 Prop. H opposer
511 Org. favoring open carry laws
512 Org. for big shots?
513 Org. for carriers
514 Org. for Colt fans?
515 Org. for hot shots?
516 Org. for hunters
517 Org. for marksmen
518 Org. for people who like packing
519 Org. for people with arms
520 Org. for piece keepers
521 Org. for piece keepers?
522 Org. for piece lovers?
523 Org. for pieceniks?
524 Org. for shooters
525 Org. for straight shooters?
526 Org. for those packing heat
527 Org. founded in 1871 by two Civil War officers
528 Org. full of big shots?
529 Org. Giuliani was addressing when interrupted by a call from his wife
530 Org. going great guns for firearms
531 Org. headed by Heston
532 Org. headed by Oliver North
533 Org. highlighted in "Bowling for Columbine"
534 Org. in favor of "stand your ground" laws
535 Org. known for firing people?
536 Org. of 1930's
537 Org. of piece keepers
538 Org. of piece keepers?
539 Org. of which eight U.S. presidents have been members
540 Org. of which U. S. Grant was once president
541 Org. once headed by Charlton Heston
542 Org. once headed by Heston
543 Org. once headed by Oliver North
544 Org. once helmed by Heston
545 Org. once lead by Ulysses S. Grant
546 Org. once led by Charlton Heston
547 Org. once led by Heston
548 Org. once led by Ulysses S. Grant
549 Org. opposed by Everytown for Gun Safety
550 Org. opposed by gun-control groups
551 Org. opposing gun-control laws
552 Org. opposing the Brady bill
553 Org. parodied on "Futurama" as protectors of the rights to own ray guns
554 Org. promoting hunter safety
555 Org. promoting shooting sports
556 Org. sponsoring piece talks?
557 Org. supported by hunters
558 Org. supported by many hunters
559 Org. supporting the Second Amendment
560 Org. targeted by Moms Demand Action
561 Org. that champions Second Amendment rights
562 Org. that created American Hunter magazine
563 Org. that favors concealed carry licenses
564 Org. that fought the Brady bill
565 Org. that has people up in arms?
566 Org. that held a 2010 "Trigger the Vote" registration campaign
567 Org. that I kind of just can't write clues for anymore
568 Org. that lobbies for gun rights
569 Org. that may aim high
570 Org. that operates a firearms museum in Fairfax, Va.
571 Org. that operates a museum in a Bass Pro Shops location
572 Org. that opposed the Brady Bill
573 Org. that opposes background checks
574 Org. that opposes the Brady Campaign
575 Org. that promotes hunter safety
576 Org. that publishes American Hunter
577 Org. that publishes America's 1st Freedom
578 Org. that publishes Free Hunters magazine
579 Org. that publishes InSights magazine
580 Org. that publishes "InSights"
581 Org. that publishes Shooting Illustrated
582 Org. that publishes Shooting Sports USA
583 Org. that publishes the magazine Shooting Sports USA
584 Org. that runs gunsmithing schools
585 Org. that sticks to its guns
586 Org. that sticks to its guns?
587 Org. that sticks to their guns
588 Org. that takes donations for the strapped?
589 Org. that's a topic in "Bowling for Columbine"
590 Org. that's into firing?
591 Org. that's not coming off so well in this Trayvon Martin thing
592 Org. to which eight U.S. presidents have belonged
593 Org. under FDR
594 Org. whose first-ever presidential endorsement was Ronald Reagan
595 Org. whose first presidential candidate they endorsed was Ronald Reagan
596 Org. whose logo displays an eagle holding two guns
597 Org. whose mascot is Eddie Eagle
598 Org. whose members are packing?
599 Org. whose members are packing
600 Org. whose members often cite the Second Amendment
601 Org. whose monthly magazine advertises magazines
602 Org. with 3.4 million members
603 Org. with a big PAC
604 Org. with a Carry Guard program
605 Org. with a "Competitive Shooting" section on its website
606 Washington initials of 1930's
607 Washington power grp.
608 Sight-seeing grp.?
609 Supporter of arms, for short
610 Supporter of the Heller decision, 2008: Abbr.
611 Wayne LaPierre is its CEO
612 Wayne LaPierre's gp.
613 Wayne LaPierre's grp.
614 Wayne LaPierre's org.
615 Wayne LaPierre's org
616 "We Do Our Part" initials
617 "We Do Our Part" org.
618 Weapons grp.
619 Well-armed gp.
620 Well-armed gp.?
621 Well-armed org.
622 Well-armed org.?
623 Well-armed organization: Abbr.
624 Sporting org. with three million members
625 Sportsmen's org.
626 Thirties inits.
627 UK target-shooting group
628 Ulysses S. Grant org.
629 Ulysses S. Grant was its eighth pres.
630 Ulysses S. Grant was its eighth president: Abbr.
631 Ulysses S. Grant was its pres.
632 Ulysses S. Grant was once its president: abbr.
633 "Stand and fight" grp.
634 Target of many March for Our Lives signs
635 Target of some student walkout signs
636 Target of the Million Mom March
637 Second Amendment advocacy gp.
638 Second Amendment advocacy group: Abbr.
639 Second Amendment advocacy grp.
640 Second Amendment advocate (abbr.)
641 Second Amendment advocates (abbr.)
642 Second Amendment-advocating group: Abbr.
643 Second Amendment backer: Abbr.
644 Second Amendment citing gp.
645 Second Amendment defender: Abbr.
646 Second Amendment grp.
647 Second Amendment lobby, briefly
648 Second Amendment lobby, for short
649 Second Amendment lobby
650 Second Amendment org.
651 Second Amendment PAC
652 Second Amendment promoter: Abbr.
653 Second Amendment rights grp.
654 Second Amendment rights org.
655 Second Amendment supporter: Abbr.
656 Second Amendment supporter (Abbr.)
657 Second Amendment supporter
658 Second Amendment supporters: Abbr.
659 Second Amendment-supporting grp.
660 Second Amendment-supporting org.
661 Second Amendment-touting gp.
662 US Grant once headed it
663 US Grant once led it
664 U.S. Grant was its eighth pres.
665 US gun gp.
666 U.S. gun lobby
667 Where Heston acts as pres.

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