1930's veep John ___ Garner crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 1930's veep John ___ Garner. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
NANCE 5 1930's veep John ___ Garner 100%
NANCE 5 1930s veep John ___ Garner 98.11320754717%
NANCE 5 '30s veep John __ Garner 90.196078431373%
NANCE 5 1933-41 veep John ___ Garner 87.272727272727%
NANCE 5 1930's V.P. John ___ Garner 85.185185185185%
NANCE 5 FDR veep John ___ Garner 82.352941176471%
NANCE 5 F.D.R. veep John ___ Garner 77.777777777778%
LEVI 4 1890's veep ___ P. Morton 65.384615384615%
LEVI 4 1880s-'90s veep ___ P. Morton 57.142857142857%
AARON 5 1800s veep Burr 52.380952380952%
ADLAI 5 1890s veep Stevenson 51.063829787234%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (NANCE), we also found 50 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1930's veep John ___ Garner.

Count Answer
1 1930s veep John ___ Garner
2 1930s vice president John ___ Garner
3 1930's vice president John ___ Garner
4 1930's V.P. John ___ Garner
5 1933-41 veep John ___ Garner
6 1966-67 AFL rushing leader Jim
7 1980s-'90s NBA forward Larry
8 2013 Broadway play starring Nathan Lane, with "The"
9 '30s veep John __ Garner
10 '30s V.P. John __ Garner
11 '30s VP John ___ Garner
12 Actor Jack
13 Boston Patriots running back Jim
14 FDR veep John ___ Garner
15 F.D.R. veep John ___ Garner
16 F.D.R. VP, John ___ Garner
17 Garner name
18 Garner's middle name.
19 Garner's middle name
20 "Eraserhead" star Jack
21 Jack of "Eraserhead"
22 Jack of "Twin Peaks"
23 Jack who has appeared in nearly every David Lynch movie
24 Jack who played a sawmill worker in "Twin Peaks"
25 John ___ Garner
26 John ___ Garner (FDR's first veep)
27 John ___ Garner (F.D.R.'s vp)
28 John ___ Garner, former V.P.
29 John ____ Garner
30 John _____ Garner
31 John -- Garner
32 John Garner's middle name.
33 Former VP John ___ Garner
34 Veep John ___ Garner
35 Veep John -- Garner
36 Veep middle name
37 Vice President John ___ Garner
38 Vice President John _____ Garner
39 Vice President John --- Garner
40 Vice President John Garner's middle name
41 Vice-presidential middle name
42 Vice presidential middle name
43 V.P. John ___ Garner
44 VP John ____ Garner
45 Middle name of '30s vice president John Garner
46 Middle name of a V.P. to F.D.R.
47 Middle name of the longest-lived vice president
48 Onetime V.P. John ___ Garner
49 "Twin Peaks" actor Jack
50 Three-time NBA All-Star Larry

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