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Based on the most relevant answer above (JON), we also found 102 clues that are similar or possibly related to -- Bon Jovi.

Count Answer
1 ___ Arbuckle (Garfield's owner)
2 ___ Snow ("Game of Thrones" character played by Kit Harington)
3 Angelina's dad
4 A Stewart
5 Arbuckle or Bon Jovi
6 Actor Cryer
7 Actor Favreau who directed 2016's "The Jungle Book"
8 Actor Favreau
9 Actor Hamm of "Mad Men"
10 Actor Lovitz
11 Actor Voight
12 Actor/comedian Lovitz
13 Bon Jovi of Bon Jovi
14 Bon Jovi of rock
15 Comedian Lovitz
16 Comedian Stewart
17 Comic Lovitz
18 Grammy-nominated film composer Brion
19 Comic/crossword nut Stewart
20 "Into Thin Air" author Krakauer
21 Hollywood Hamm
22 Favreau of "Chef"
23 Character who often has his lasagna stolen
24 Funny Stewart
25 British electronica musician and producer Hopkins
26 Guy in ''Garfield''
27 "Game of Thrones" character Snow
28 "Game of Thrones" role ___ Snow
29 Hairstylist-producer Peters
30 ''Garfield'' character
31 "Garfield" guy
32 Garfield's housemate
33 Garfield's human
34 Garfield's master
35 Garfield's owner, in the comics
36 Garfield's owner, in the funnies
37 Garfield's owner
38 Emmy winner Stewart
39 English composer/pianist Lord
40 "I've been to Canada, and I've always gotten the impression that I could take the country over in about two days" speaker Stewart
41 Cryer in a sitcom
42 Cryer in movies
43 Cryer of "Two and a Half Men"
44 Cryer who plays Alan Harper on "Two and a Half Men"
45 Former "Daily Show" host Stewart
46 He's on before Stephen
47 Provost of TV's "Lassie"
48 "The Daily Show" host before Trevor
49 "The Daily Show" host Stewart
50 ''The Daily Show'' host Stewart
51 "The Daily Show" name
52 "The Daily Show With ___ Stewart"
53 'The Daily Show With -- Stewart'
54 Rock singer ___ Bon Jovi
55 Rocker --- Bon Jovi
56 Rocker Bon Jovi
57 Owner in "Garfield Without Garfield"
58 Rock's Bon Jovi
59 Puzzle fan Stewart
60 Vince's "Swingers" co-star
61 "Rosewater" director Stewart
62 Lil ___ (rapper who popularized crunk)
63 Voice actor H. ___ Benjamin
64 Voight of "Coming Home"
65 Music's ___ Bon Jovi
66 Music's Secada
67 Trevor's predecessor on "The Daily Show"
68 "Naked Pictures of Famous People" author Stewart
69 Political satirist Stewart
70 "Napoleon Dynamite" star Heder
71 Rapper Lil ___
72 Rap's Lil ___
73 Portrayer of Don on "Mad Men"
74 Ned's adoptive son on "Game of Thrones"
75 Longtime "Daily Show" host Stewart
76 Lord of Deep Purple
77 New Jersey politico Corzine
78 "Mad Men" actor Hamm
79 "Mad Men" star Hamm
80 Operatic tenor Vickers
81 Pianist Nakamatsu
82 Singer Bon Jovi
83 Singer Foreman of Switchfoot
84 "Wordplay" celebrity solver Stewart
85 Singer/actor Bon Jovi
86 Two-time Oscars host Stewart
87 Satirist and crossword puzzle fan Stewart
88 Satirist Stewart
89 Tabloid badboy Gosselin
90 "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" actor Hamm
91 Tenor Vickers
92 Snow of "Game of Thrones"
93 Snow on "Game of Thrones"
94 Snow on television
95 Stewart in the "Wordplay" documentary
96 Stewart of Comedy Central
97 Stewart of "The Daily Show"
98 Stewart once of "The Daily Show"
99 Stewart or Hamm
100 Stewart or Voight
101 Stewart who is taking a break from "The Daily Show" this summer to direct a movie
102 Stewart with many Emmys

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