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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (HANNA), we also found 58 clues that are similar or possibly related to -- -Barbera.

Count Answer
1 2008 hurricane
2 ___-Barbera (big name in cartoons)
3 ___-Barbera cartoons
4 ___-Barbera ("The Flintstones" cartoon company)
5 ___-Barbera
6 Amazon Prime series based on a Saoirse Ronan movie
7 Barbera's animating partner
8 Barbera's animation partner
9 Barbera's cartoon colleague
10 Barbera's cartoon partner
11 Barbera's cartoon-production partner
12 Barbera's cartooning partner
13 Barbera's collaborator
14 Barbera's colleague
15 Barbera's partner in animation
16 Barbera's partner in cartooning
17 Barbera's partner in cartoons
18 Barbera's partner
19 Big name in animation
20 Big name in TV cartoons
21 Boo Boo Bear's co-creator
22 Boss in McKinley's day
23 Central Alberta community
24 "Chad ___," 1940 film
25 Half of a noted cartoon duo
26 Half of an animation duo
27 Half of the Flintstones duo
28 Coproducer of "The Flintstones" and "The Jetsons"
29 Huckleberry Hound co-creator William
30 Huckleberry Hound co-creator
31 Huckleberry Hound cocreator
32 Flintstones co-creator
33 Flintstones cocreator
34 Co-creator of "The Flintstones"
35 Co-creator of "Tom and Jerry"
36 Co-creator of Yogi and Boo Boo
37 Co-creator of Yogi, Quick Draw, et al.
38 Joe Barbera's partner
39 Cofounder of the company that created "Yogi Bear"
40 Cartoonist William who co-created Tom and Jerry
41 Riot grrrl legend Kathleen
42 "The Flintstones" co-creator
43 William ___, half of the team that produced Tom and Jerry and Yogi Bear
44 The Jetsons are on his autobio cover
45 Quick Draw's co-creator
46 McKinley adviser
47 McKinley's sponsor
48 Political backer of McKinley
49 Political boss in McKinley's day
50 Politician Marcus Alonzo: 1837–1904
51 Politician Mark
52 Party boss in McKinley's day
53 One of Yogi Bear's creators
54 Magilla Gorilla co-creator
55 Scooby Doo’s co-creator
56 Yogi Bear co-creator
57 Yogi Bear's co-creator
58 Yogi's co-creator

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