"--- and ye shall find" crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (SEEK), we also found 121 clues that are similar or possibly related to "--- and ye shall find".

Count Answer
1 "___ and ye shall find"
2 "___, and ye shall find"
3 ''___ and ye shall find''
4 "___ ye the Lord . . . ": Isaiah
5 Be "it"
6 Be "it," in a game
7 Be "it" in a playground game
8 Be it?
9 Be like it?
10 Be looking for
11 Be on a quest for
12 Be zetetic
13 Apply for
14 Act like it
15 Ask for, as advice
16 Ask for
17 Attempt — search
18 Attempt
19 Aim to discover
20 Grope for
21 Ferret out
22 Desire, as on a dating site
23 Half a kids' game
24 Howard Jones "Hide and ___"
25 Emulate Jason
26 Dig for
27 Hunt
28 Hunt down
29 Hunt for
30 Hunt high and low
31 Endeavor to attain
32 Endeavor
33 Fish for
34 Fish for or ferret out
35 "If U ___ Amy" (Britney Spears hit)
36 Do this and ye shall find
37 Imogen Heap "Hide and ___"
38 Imogen Heap's "Hide and ___"
39 Go after
40 Go for
41 Go in search of
42 Go looking for
43 Go on a quest
44 Go questing
45 Car radio button
46 Car radio mode
47 Curry
48 Explore
49 Hide-and-__
50 Hide and ___
51 Hide and ___ (kids' game)
52 Hide-and-___
53 Hide-and-____
54 Hide and _____
55 Hide companion
56 ''Hide'' counterpart
57 Hide counterpart
58 Hide partner
59 Hide's companion
60 Hide's counterpart
61 Hide's partner?
62 Hide's partner
63 Pursue, as comfort or shelter
64 Pursue, as comfort
65 Pursue rocker
66 Pursue
67 Some missiles do it
68 Strive for
69 Track down
70 Play a child's game
71 Play in a child's game
72 Play in a kid's game
73 Root around for
74 Quest after
75 Quest for
76 Quest
77 Part of a children’s game.
78 Part of a child's game
79 Run for
80 Run for, as office
81 Run for as public office
82 Run for, as public office
83 Participate in a child's game
84 Participate in a kids' game
85 Partner of hide
86 Metallica "___ and Destroy"
87 Metallica: "___ and Destroy"
88 Metallica does this before they "Destroy"
89 Last word of a children's game
90 Look around after counting down
91 Look for
92 Request, as advice
93 Request
94 Resort to
95 Make a quest for
96 Nose out
97 Make an effort to find
98 Try to ferret out
99 Try to find
100 Try to gain, as a political office
101 Try to get
102 Try to locate
103 Try to obtain
104 Try to track down
105 Try to unearth
106 Tuner option
107 Work as a tracer
108 Take part in a child's game
109 Scour; hunt
110 Scout for
111 Search after
112 Search for.
113 Search for
114 Search, in a child's game
115 Search out
116 Search
117 Second part of a kid's game
118 "To strive, to ___, to find, and not to yield": Tennyson
119 Use a search engine
120 Use a search engine, e.g.
121 Use Google

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