'-- and the Real Girl' (2007 film) crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 1968 Chemistry Nobelist Onsager
2 2007 film "___ and the Real Girl"
3 "__ and the Real Girl": 2007 film
4 "___ and the Real Girl" (2007 comedy)
5 "___ and the Real Girl" (2007 film)
6 "___ and the Real Girl" (2007 movie)
7 "___ and the Real Girl" (2007 Ryan Gosling film)
8 "___ and the Real Girl" (Gosling movie)
9 "___ and the Real Girl" (Ryan Gosling film)
10 "___ and the Real Girl"
11 ___ Porsena, ancient Etruscan king.
12 ___ Porsena, Etrurian king
13 ___ Porsena, Etruscan king
14 ___ Porsena
15 ____ Porsena: legendary king
16 ____ Porsena
17 "________ and the Real Girl"
18 Actor Mikkelsen of "House of Cards"
19 Drummer Ulrich
20 Famous metal drummer Ulrich
21 Frederiksen of Rancid
22 Common Swedish male name
23 Common Swedish name
24 Chemistry Nobelist Onsager
25 Film director ___ von Trier
26 Filmmaker von Trier
27 Director von Trier
28 "I Remember Mama" character
29 Cousin of Sven?
30 Cousin of Sven
31 Gibbons
32 Gibbons of Malay
33 Etruscan king Porsena
34 Etruscan title
35 Capitals star Eller
36 Danish director von Trier
37 Many a Swedish swain
38 Rock drummer Ulrich
39 Papa of TV's "Mama"
40 Papa, of TV's "Mama"
41 Name for a son, in Scan-dinavia
42 "Melancholia" director von Trier
43 Porsena of Clusium
44 Porsena or gibbons
45 Porsena
46 Metallica drummer
47 Metallica drummer ___ Ulrich
48 Metallica drummer Ulrich
49 Lawrence, in Scandinavia
50 Lawrence, in Stockholm
51 Lawrence of Scandinavia
52 Never-seen neighbor on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
53 Nobel chemist Onsager: 1968
54 Nordic form of Lawrence
55 Norse first name
56 Norwegian-born chemistry Nobelist Onsager
57 Phyllis' 1970s TV husband
58 Phyllis Lindstrom's hubby
59 Phyllis Lindstrom's TV hubby
60 Phyllis' never-seen TV husband
61 Phyllis' TV husband on the "Mary Tyler Moore Show"
62 Phyllis' TV husband
63 Phyllis's 1970's TV husband
64 Phyllis's 1970s TV husband
65 Phyllis's never-seen TV husband
66 Phyllis's TV husband
67 Phyllis's unseen TV husband
68 Malay gibbons
69 Malayan gibbons
70 TV hubby of Phyllis
71 TV husband of Phyllis
72 Sven's cousin, maybe
73 Sven's cousin?
74 Sven's kin?
75 Swede's name
76 Swedish author Gustafsson
77 Swedish equivalent of Lawrence
78 Swedish form of Laurence
79 Swedish form of "Lawrence"
80 Swedish form of Lawrence
81 Swedish "Lawrence"
82 Swedish name akin to Lawrence
83 Swedish version of Lawrence
84 Scandinavian form of Lawrence
85 Scandinavian Lawrence
86 Scandinavian male name
87 Scandinavian man's name
88 Scandinavian name
89 Ulrich of Metallica
90 Ulrich or Frederiksen
91 Ulrich who co-founded Metallica
92 Small apes
93 Unseen "Mary Tyler Moore Show" character
94 Unseen ''Mary Tyler Moore Show'' character

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