"--- and Otis" (1986) crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (MILO), we also found 91 clues that are similar or possibly related to "--- and Otis" (1986).

Count Answer
1 1986 film title cat
2 ''___ and Otis'' (1986)
3 "___ and Otis" (animal film)
4 "___ and Otis" (film)
5 ___ Bloom (character in "Bloom County")
6 ___ Minderbender, villain in "Catch-22"
7 ___ Minderbinder, lieutenant in "Catch-22"
8 ___ Minderbinder of "Catch-22"
9 Actor O'Shea
10 Actor Ventimiglia of "Heroes"
11 Actor Ventimiglia
12 Binkley pal in "Bloom County"
13 "Bloom County" reporter
14 Bloom of "Bloom County"
15 Bloom of Bloom County
16 Grain crop
17 Grain sorghum
18 Boy from "The Phantom Tollbooth"
19 Boy in "The Phantom Tollbooth"
20 Greek island, to an Italian
21 Irish actor O'Shea
22 Home of a famous statue
23 Island of Venus
24 Island where a noted Greek statue was found
25 Feline friend of Otis
26 Disney film ''___ and Otis''
27 Dog in "The Mask"
28 Close follower of Venus?
29 Heller's Minderbinder
30 Hero of Disney's "Atlantis"
31 Hero of kid-lit's "The Phantom Tollbooth"
32 Jude's role in "Sleuth"
33 Cat pal of Otis
34 "Catch-22" profiteer Minderbinder
35 "Catch-22" profiteer
36 Drought-resistant grain sorghum
37 Drought-resistant sorghum
38 Tony nominee O'Shea
39 Origin of the Louvre's Venus
40 O'Shea of films
41 O'Shea of The Verdict
42 O'Shea of "The Verdict"
43 Otis' pal, in film
44 Otis' pal
45 Otis's feline pal
46 Where Venus left her arms
47 Where Venus was found.
48 "The Adventures of ___ and Otis" (1989)
49 "The Adventures of ___ and Otis"
50 Ventimiglia of "Heroes"
51 Ventimiglia of ''Heroes''
52 Ventimiglia of "This Is Us"
53 Venus de ---
54 Venus de --
55 Venus de __
56 "Venus de __"
57 "Venus de ___"
58 Venus de ___
59 Venus de ___ (ancient Greek artwork)
60 Venus de ___ (ancient Greek statue)
61 Venus de ___ (Louvre attraction)
62 ''Venus de ___''
63 Venus de ____
64 "Venus de _____"
65 Venus de
66 Venus' home
67 Venus locale
68 Venus's home
69 Venus's island
70 Mr. Minderbinder of "Catch-22"
71 Plant cultivated for grain
72 'The Phantom Tollbooth' boy
73 'The Phantom Tollbooth' hero
74 "The Phantom Tollbooth" hero
75 "The Phantom Tollbooth" protagonist
76 Sorghum
77 Ruined Greek island city
78 Minderbinder from "Catch-22"
79 Minderbinder of "Catch-22"
80 Reporter in the comic strip "Bloom County"
81 Lieutenant Minderbender of “Catch-22”
82 Lieutenant Minderbinder of "Catch-22"
83 TV actor Ventimiglia
84 Site of a sculptural find
85 "This Is Us" actor Ventimiglia who's a member of People's Sexiest Cast
86 "This Is Us" actor Ventimiglia
87 Title cat in a 1980's cartoon film
88 Wheeler-dealer of "Catch-22"
89 Whence Venus?
90 Where a famous Greek statue was found
91 Where a statue of Venus was found

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