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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue -- -Alt-Del. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
CTRL 4 -- -Alt-Del 100%
CTRL 4 ___-Alt-Del 72.727272727273%
CTRL 4 Key with Alt and Del 45.161290322581%
TIERRA 6 -- del Fuego 43.478260869565%
KEYS 4 Alt and Del, e.g. 42.857142857143%
AMITRI 6 Scottish alt-rockers Del ___ 35.897435897436%
PUNTA 5 -- del Este, Uruguay 32.258064516129%
CTRL 4 Key often pressed with Alt and Del 31.111111111111%
CTRL 4 ___-Alt-Del (computer key combination): Abbr. 28.571428571429%
TIERRA 6 -- del Fuego (island group) 26.315789473684%
CTRL 4 In tandem with Alt and Del, a keyboard escape mechanism 21.212121212121%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (CTRL), we also found 96 clues that are similar or possibly related to -- -Alt-Del.

Count Answer
1 ___-Alt-Del (computer key combination): Abbr.
2 ___-Alt-Del
3 ___-C
4 ___-V ("paste" on a PC)
5 ___+ALT+DEL
6 ___+Z (undo, on a PC)
7 __+Alt+Delete
8 Abbr. associated with certain shortcuts
9 Abbr. before C, F, V or X
10 Abbr. in a PC menu
11 Bottom-left PC key
12 Bottom row key
13 Bottom row PC key
14 Bottom-row PC key
15 Certain combo key
16 Fated for ruin
17 Computer key abbr.
18 Computer key (Abbr.)
19 Computer-key letters
20 Computer key near Shift
21 Computer key
22 Computer-keyboard key
23 Computer keyboard key
24 Corner computer key
25 Corner key on a PC
26 Corner key
27 Corner PC key
28 In tandem with Alt and Del, a keyboard escape mechanism
29 Key abbr.
30 Key at the bottom left
31 Key beneath shift
32 Key combo starter
33 Key for shortcuts
34 Key in a computer "three-finger salute"
35 Key in a corner
36 Key in a reboot sequence
37 Key in computer combinations
38 Key in many shortcuts, for short
39 Key in many shortcuts
40 Key in some shortcuts
41 Key in the corner
42 Key lacking vowels
43 Key letters
44 Key near alt
45 Key near Shift
46 Key near space
47 Key never used by itself
48 Key not used alone
49 Key not used by itself
50 Key often pressed with Alt and Del
51 Key that won't work alone
52 Key that's the key to the shortcuts in this puzzle
53 Key under Shift
54 Key used in combinations
55 Key used in some shortcuts
56 Key used with other keys
57 Key with Alt and Del
58 Key with no vowels
59 Keyboard abbr.
60 Keyboard key abbr.
61 Keyboard key involved in shortcuts
62 Keyboard key letters
63 Keyboard key
64 Shift-key neighbor
65 Shift neighbor: Abbr.
66 Shift neighbor, on PC keyboards
67 Shift neighbor
68 Vowelless PC key
69 Shortcut key
70 Shortening for shortcuts
71 Part of many common shortcuts
72 Laptop key
73 On a PC, it does nothing by itself
74 PC combination key
75 PC combo key
76 PC corner key
77 PC feature that doesn't do anything by itself
78 PC key abbr.
79 PC key below Shift
80 PC key beneath Shift
81 PC key near Shift
82 PC key not used alone
83 PC key not used by itself
84 PC key under Shift
85 PC key used in combinations
86 PC key
87 PC keyboard key
88 PC shortcut key
89 Lower-left key on many keyboards
90 Lower-left keyboard key
91 Lower-left PC key abbr.
92 Lower-left PC key
93 Relative of Alt on a keyboard
94 Letters on a keyboard key
95 SW corner key
96 SZA album whose name is a computer key

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