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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue -: Abbr.. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
NEG 3 -: Abbr. 100%
POS 3 > 0: Abbr. 77.777777777778%
SUF 3 -ed, e.g.: Abbr. 66.666666666667%
MIN 3 -1, for sine: Abbr. 59.259259259259%
ADV 3 -ly word, e.g.: Abbr. 55.172413793103%
GST 3 0° setting: Abbr. 53.846153846154%
STE 3 -- Jeanne d'Arc: Abbr. 53.333333333333%
OPER 4 0 on a phone: Abbr. 51.851851851852%
ADV 3 -ly word, usually: Abbr. 50%
SUF 3 "-er" or "-ing," e.g.: Abbr. 44.444444444444%
OPER 4 0, on a telephone: Abbr. 43.75%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (NEG), we also found 110 clues that are similar or possibly related to -: Abbr..

Count Answer
1 -, for short
2 Batt. terminal
3 Battery pole: Abbr.
4 Battery term.
5 Battery terminal (abbr.)
6 Battery terminal: Abbr.
7 Battery terminal, briefly
8 Antonym of pos.
9 A photog saves it
10 –: Abbr.
11 Abbr. after A or B
12 Abbr. in blood types
13 Abbr. in many blood type names
14 Abbr. on a battery
15 Abbreviation on a car battery
16 ABO system abbr.
17 Below zero: Abbr.
18 Below zero (abbr.)
19 Bit of blood-typing shorthand
20 Bit of shutterbug slang
21 Black batt. terminal
22 Blood-bank abbr.
23 Blood type abbr.
24 Blood type modifier, for short
25 Blood-typing abbr.
26 Blood-typing word (Abbr.)
27 Blowup source, briefly
28 Backhanded compliment
29 Dark-rm. item
30 Darkroom abbr.
31 Darkroom image: Abbr.
32 Darkroom image, for short
33 Darkroom item: Abbr.
34 Darkroom item, for short
35 Darkroom master: Abbr.
36 Darkroom master (Abbr.)
37 Darkroom prod.
38 Ion descriptor: Abbr.
39 Btry. terminal
40 Item for a photog
41 Item in a photog's file
42 Give poor feedback to, online [visit us at avxword.com to get more great puzzles every week]
43 Follower of A, B or AB, informally
44 Car battery abbr.
45 Good test result from an M.D.
46 Like certain battery terminals: Abbr.
47 Original of an old photo, informally
48 Like nos. below zero
49 Like one end of a battery: Abbr.
50 Kind of ans.
51 Like rarer blood types: Abbr.
52 Kind of charge: Abbr.
53 Like some battery terminals (abbr.)
54 Like some blood types: Abbr.
55 Kind of no.
56 Like some ions: Abbr.
57 Like some nos.
58 Studio orig.
59 Kind of vote: Abbr.
60 Like the "-" end of a battery: Abbr.
61 Master of photog.
62 Master of photography: Abbr.
63 Like the rarer blood types, typically: Abbr.
64 Polar abbr.
65 Med.-test result
66 –, on an AA batt.
67 On the left half of the no. line
68 On the left side of the no. line
69 Pos. canceler
70 Pos. counterpart
71 Pos. opp.
72 Pos. opposite
73 Pos.'s opposite
74 One pole: Abbr.
75 Minus (Abbr.)
76 Minus: Abbr.
77 No. beginning with a "-"
78 Less than nothing, for short
79 Less than zero: Abbr.
80 Reprint necessity: Abbr.
81 Print source, briefly
82 Photo archive element
83 Photo envelope enclosure, for short
84 Photo image, briefly
85 Photo opp.?
86 Photo orig.
87 Photographer's orig.
88 Photographic image, for short
89 Photog's image
90 Photog's item
91 Photog's master
92 Photog's original
93 Photog's original, before digital
94 Opp. of pos.
95 Opposing: Abbr.
96 Opposite of pos.
97 Opposite of positive: Abbr.
98 Pic source
99 OR abbr.
100 Reverse image, for short
101 Reverse pic
102 Like a number less than zero: Abbr.
103 Not pos. or neut.
104 Not pos.
105 Not positive: Abbr.
106 What a "-" may indicate: Abbr.
107 Undev. film
108 What "-" may mean: Abbr.
109 Unlike absolute values: Abbr.
110 Where black is white, for short?

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