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Count Answer
1 1946 Goethe Prize winner
2 1946 Literature Nobelist Hermann
3 1946 Literature Nobelist
4 1946 Nobelist Hermann
5 Author Hermann
6 Author of "Knulp": 1915
7 Author of ''Siddhartha''
8 Author of "Steppenwolf"
9 Author of "The Journey to the East"
10 Author who shares his name with a German state
11 Darmstadt is its capital.
12 "Das Glasperlenspiel" novelist
13 Frankfurt's state
14 Historic German duchy
15 Central German state
16 Brecht contemporary in German literature
17 "Demian" author Hermann
18 "Demian" author
19 "Demian" novelist
20 "Demian" writer
21 ''Der Steppenwolf'' author
22 Its capital is Wiesbaden
23 German author Hermann
24 German-born Literature Nobelist
25 German-born writer Hermann
26 German Hermann
27 German literature Nobelist
28 German novelist Hermann
29 German novelist
30 German region
31 German state, capital Wiesbaden
32 German state or novelist
33 German state with Wiesbaden
34 German state
35 German-Swiss author who won the 1946 Nobel in Literature
36 German writer Hermann
37 Germany's Hermann
38 He wrote "Steppenwolf"
39 Hermann ___, German novelist
40 Hermann ___, German poet-novelist
41 Hermann who won a Nobel for Literature
42 Hermann who wrote "Siddhartha"
43 Hermann who wrote "Steppenwolf"
44 Hermann who wrote "The Glass Bead Game"
45 Where the Fulda flows
46 Where Wiesbaden is capital
47 Where Wiesbaden is
48 Novelist Hermann
49 Novelist-poet Hermann
50 Wiesbaden, Germany is its capital
51 Wiesbaden is its capital
52 Wiesbaden locale
53 Wiesbaden's state
54 The Glass Bead Game author
55 ''The Glass Bead Game'' author Hermann
56 "The Glass Bead Game" author Hermann
57 "The Glass Bead Game" author
58 "The Glass Bead Game" novelist
59 "The Glass Bead Game" writer
60 "Rosshalde" author
61 W. German state
62 Poet Hermann
63 Literature Nobelist before Gide
64 Literature Nobelist between Mistral and Gide
65 Literature Nobelist Hermann
66 Literature Nobelist two years before Eliot
67 "Narcissus and Goldmund" author
68 "Narcissus and Goldmund" novelist
69 Nobel laureate Hermann
70 Nobel novelist: 1946
71 Nobel novelist Hermann
72 Nobelist author of "Siddhartha"
73 Nobelist for literature: 1946
74 Nobelist Hermann, author of "Siddhartha"
75 Nobelist Hermann, author of "Siddhartha"
76 Nobelist in 1946
77 Nobelist in Literature: 1946
78 "Peter Camenzind" novelist
79 "Magister Ludi" author
80 "Magister Ludi" novelist
81 "Magister Ludi" writer
82 ''Siddhartha'' author
83 'Siddhartha' author
84 Siddhartha author
85 "Siddhartha" author Hermann
86 "Siddhartha" author
87 "Siddhartha" Nobelist
88 'Siddhartha' novelist Hermann
89 "Siddhartha" novelist Hermann
90 "Siddhartha" novelist
91 "Siddhartha" penner
92 "Siddhartha" writer
93 Siddhartha writer
94 "Siddhartha" writer Hermann
95 ''Siddhartha'' writer
96 Weisbaden, Germany is its capital
97 West German state
98 Writer Hermann
99 "Three Tales from the Life of Knulp" novelist
100 What element 108 was named for
101 Sculptor Eva
102 State below Lower Saxony
103 State bordering Bavaria
104 State bordering Lower Saxony
105 State bordering Thuringia
106 State in Adenauer's realm.
107 State in W. Germany
108 ''Steppenwolf'' author
109 'Steppenwolf' author
110 Steppenwolf author
111 ''Steppenwolf'' author Hermann
112 "Steppenwolf" author Hermann
113 "Steppenwolf" author
114 "Steppenwolf" novelist Hermann
115 "Steppenwolf" novelist
116 "Steppenwolf" penner
117 ''Steppenwolf'' writer
118 "Steppenwolf" writer
119 Steppenwolf writer
120 "Steppenwolf" writer Hermann
121 Steppenwolf's creator
122 Where Frankfurt is

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