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Count Answer
1 1943 Bogart film set in Libya
2 1943 Bogart film
3 1943 Bogart movie
4 1943 Humphrey Bogart film
5 1943 war film set in a desert
6 2005 Matthew McConaughey movie
7 3 1/2 million square mile expanse
8 3,300,000 square-mile desert
9 3,500,000 square miles of plateaus, lowlands and dunes.
10 ___ Desert (after translation, "Desert Desert")
11 Barren area
12 A lot of Mali
13 "Beau Geste" locale
14 Bedouin's domain
15 Bedouins' home
16 Bedouin's milieu
17 About 30% of Africa
18 About 30 percent of Africa
19 Arabic word for "desert"
20 About 4/5 of Algeria
21 Area south of the Atlas Mountains
22 Arid African expanse
23 Arid area in Africa
24 Arid area of Africa
25 Arid expanse in Africa
26 Arid expanse of Africa
27 Arid expanse
28 Arid place
29 Arid region
30 Arid tract
31 Berber's home
32 Big dry patch
33 Big dry spot
34 African desert
35 African expanse
36 African hot spot
37 African sands
38 Africa's largest desert
39 Backdrop for Valentino's "The Sheik"
40 Bogart film
41 Bogart movie
42 Bogie flick
43 Great wasteland
44 Home to about 90 oases
45 Home to many Berbers
46 Egyptian expanse
47 Egypt's desert
48 Desert bordering the Red Sea
49 Desert by the Atlas Mountains
50 Desert covering most of North Africa
51 Desert home to the Tibesti Mountains
52 "Desert" in Arabic
53 Desert in North Africa
54 Desert region
55 Desert south of the Atlas Mountains
56 Desert that covers most of North Africa
57 Desert that covers much of Libya
58 Desert that means "desert" in Arabic
59 Desert that spans nearly 3.6 million square miles
60 Desert that's larger than the contiguous 48 states
61 Desert traveled by Ibn Battuta
62 Desert
63 Hot spot
64 Huge desert
65 It's 3.5 million square miles
66 It's hot and dry most of the year
67 It's just desert
68 It's larger than Australia
69 Bygone Las Vegas hotel/casino with a roller coaster
70 Its name means "desert"
71 Camel's place
72 Clive Cussler best seller
73 Caravan site
74 Mali, mostly
75 Mali's desert
76 Sere region
77 Where Rommel was not so foxy.
78 Where siroccos blow
79 Most of Algeria
80 Most of Libya
81 Most of Mali
82 Most of Mauritania
83 Most of North Africa
84 Noted Las Vegas casino
85 Where the Marathon des Sables (“Marathon of the Sands”) is run
86 Where The Police drink "Tea"
87 Vast African desert
88 Vast African land area
89 Vast arid area
90 Vast arid region
91 Vast arid tract
92 Vast, arid tract
93 Vast desert
94 Vast dry expanse
95 Vast expanse of sand
96 Vast sandy expanse
97 Setting for most of Mali
98 Setting for much of "The English Patient"
99 Setting of "Beau Geste"
100 Vegas casino named for an African locale
101 Vegas casino, with "The"
102 Vegas casino
103 Over three million square miles of Africa
104 "The English Patient" setting
105 ''The English Patient'' setting
106 Much of Algeria
107 Much of Chad
108 Much of Egypt
109 Much of Libya and Algeria
110 Much of Libya
111 Much of Mali
112 Much of Mauritania
113 Much of Niger
114 Much of North Africa
115 Rommel's battleground
116 Roughly 1/3 of Africa
117 Roughly 30 percent of Africa
118 Roughly one-third of Africa
119 "The ostrich roams the great ___. / Its mouth is wide, its neck is narra": Ogden Nash
120 N. African desert
121 Name that comes from Arabic for "desert"
122 Part of Mali
123 Natalie Cole sang of "Snowfall on" this desert
124 Locale of the Berbers
125 Large African desert
126 Large African expanse
127 Large desert
128 Large hot spot
129 Largest African desert
130 Largest desert
131 Largest hot desert
132 Largest subtropical desert
133 Nearly one-third of Africa
134 "Lawrence of Arabia" setting
135 Region in N. Africa.
136 Region roughly the size of the United States
137 One-third of Africa
138 Relient K song about a certain desert?
139 Nightwish song about a desert?
140 Nomad's land
141 Libyan expanse ("Take On Me")
142 Libyan expanse
143 Libyan hot spot
144 North African desert
145 North African expanse
146 Northern African desert
147 The world's biggest desert
148 The world's largest hot desert
149 Tuaregs' home
150 Tuareg's land
151 Tuaregs' milieu
152 Tuaregs' region
153 Sienna brown
154 Word from the Arabic for "desert"
155 Wasteland.
156 Wasteland
157 Saint-Exupéry's mysterious desert
158 Sand viper's home
159 Sands of Algeria
160 Sands of Chad
161 Symbol of aridity
162 Scene of "Beau Geste"
163 World's largest desert
164 World's largest hot desert
165 World's third-largest desert
166 Tibesti Mountains setting
167 Zoltán Korda film: 1943

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