"42nd Street" song crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (DAMES), we also found 104 clues that are similar or possibly related to "42nd Street" song.

Count Answer
1 1934 musical featuring "I Only Have Eyes for You"
2 Beknighted females
3 Beknighted women
4 Actresses Anderson and Whitty
5 Agatha Christie and Judi Dench
6 Agatha Christie and Judi Dench, e.g.
7 Agatha Christie and Margot Fonteyn
8 "Grand" women
9 French face cards
10 Iris Murdoch and Barbara Cartland
11 Iris Murdoch and others
12 Edith Evans and Agatha Christie
13 Edith Evans and Edith Sitwell
14 Edna and Judi (Dench)
15 Female equivalents of knights
16 Female peers
17 Feminine titles
18 British honorees
19 British ladies of society
20 British noblewomen
21 Gals and babes
22 Gals
23 Film that introduced ''I Only Have Eyes for You''
24 Christie and Dench
25 English ladies — American women
26 English noblewomen
27 English titles
28 "I Only Have Eyes for You" movie musical
29 Distaff knights
30 J. Baker and M. Hess
31 Classy gals
32 Classy ladies
33 Jane Goodall and Maggie Smith
34 Evans and Fonteyn for two
35 Dolls and molls
36 Helen Mirren and Maggie Smith, for two
37 Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, et al.
38 Helen Mirren/Margot Fonteyn
39 Hess and Anderson e.g.
40 Hess and Christie
41 Judi and Maggie
42 Judi Dench and Helen Mirren
43 Judi Dench and Maggie Smith, e.g.
44 Judi Dench et al.
45 Julie Andrews and Shirley Bassey
46 Damon Runyon characters
47 Nothing like them
48 Many of Mike Hammer's acquaintances
49 Margot Fonteyn and Agatha Christie
50 Some nobility
51 Some noblewomen
52 Some royal wedding guests
53 Some titled Brits
54 Some titled women
55 Kiri Te Kanawa and others
56 Matriarchs
57 Matrons
58 Knight wives
59 Knighted women
60 Knights' counterparts
61 Knights' female equivalents
62 Knights' ladies
63 Knights' wives
64 Knights' women
65 Myra Hess, et al.
66 Myra Hess et al.
67 Wives of knights
68 Women, in hard-boiled tales
69 Women, in old detective novels
70 Women, in pulp fiction
71 Women of breeding
72 Women of consequence
73 Women of honour
74 Women of rank
75 Women of the knight?
76 Women, to film noir detectives
77 Women, to gumshoes
78 Women, to hard-boiled detectives
79 Women who are entitled
80 Women
81 Ladies' titles
82 Ladies
83 Olivia de Havilland and Olivia Newton-John, for two
84 Lords' ladies
85 Peggy Ashcroft and others
86 Penelope Wilton and Maggie Smith
87 Mirren, Dench et al.
88 Noblewomen
89 Magdalene Odundo and Helen Mirren, for two
90 Maggie Smith and Judi Dench
91 "South Pacific" group
92 "South Pacific" song subject
93 Tune from "42nd Street"
94 Sutherland and Te Kanawa
95 Singer Janet Baker et al.
96 Sirs' mates
97 Scarcity in "South Pacific"
98 Skirts
99 "What ain't we got?" in song
100 What knights' wives are called
101 Titled ladies
102 Titled ones
103 Titled women, in Britain
104 Titled women

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