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Count Answer
1 ___ Scott Card ("Ender's Game" author)
2 ___ Scott Card, "Ender's Game" writer
3 A human Bean
4 Bean, for one
5 Bean from Vermont
6 Bean from Vt.
7 Bean in Hollywood
8 Bean of comedy
9 Bean of Hollywood
10 Bean of old game shows
11 Bean on Broadway
12 Bean on screen
13 Bean on-screen
14 Bean on the screen
15 Bean or Welles
16 Bean produced in Burlington
17 Bean raised in Vermont
18 Bean seen on Broadway
19 Bean seen on-screen
20 Bean seen on TV
21 Bean
22 A memorable Welles
23 Actor Bean
24 Actor-director Welles
25 Actor Welles
26 Author ___ Scott Card
27 Comedic Bean
28 Boss of TV's Mork
29 Boy genius Welles
30 Hollywood's Welles
31 Bree's ex-husband on "Desperate Housewives"
32 Bree's husband on "Desperate Housewives"
33 "Bright Idea" #1ers
34 "Bright Idea" band inspired by Welles?
35 "Bright Idea" band
36 Funny Bean
37 Charlton's director in "Touch of Evil"
38 Charlton's "Touch of Evil" co-star
39 Charlton's "Touch of Evil" director
40 Guy on the "Kane" set
41 Game show regular ___ Bean
42 Hairy creature in "The Jungle Books"
43 Film director Welles
44 Film legend Welles
45 Filmmaker Welles
46 Burlington's Bean
47 "Ender's Game" author __ Scott Card
48 "Ender's Game" author ___ Scott Card
49 "Ender's Game" author Scott Card
50 First name among Hollywood directors
51 First name in film
52 First name in film directing
53 George ___ Welles
54 Director Welles
55 First name of the "War of the Worlds"
56 Cinema legend Welles
57 Cinematic auteur Welles
58 Cinematic icon Welles
59 Harry in "The Third Man"
60 "Citizen Kane" director Welles
61 "Citizen Kane" poster name
62 "Citizen Kane" star Welles
63 Entertainer Bean
64 He directed Charlton in "Touch of Evil"
65 He played Charles in “Citizen Kane”
66 He's Hank in "Touch of Evil"
67 Former husband of Rita.
68 Rita's director in "The Lady From Shanghai"
69 Rita's "The Lady From Shanghai" co-star
70 Rita's "The Lady From Shanghai" director
71 "Touch of Evil" director Welles
72 Movie legend Welles
73 Mr. Bean
74 Mr. Bean on the screen
75 Mr. Welles
76 "Rogue One" villain ___ Krennic
77 Voice of Tom's boss on "Magnum, P.I."
78 Name meaning "bearlike"
79 Name meaning ''bearlike''
80 Name on a "Citizen Kane" poster
81 "The War of the Worlds" broadcaster Welles
82 Name on "Citizen Kane" posters
83 Name on "The Magnificent Ambersons" theater poster
84 Mercury Theatre name
85 "Macbeth" (1948) director Welles
86 "No Tomorrow" band
87 "No Tomorrow" guys
88 Producer Welles
89 Pig in the Jim Davis comic strip "U.S. Acres"
90 Mork's boss on "Mork & Mindy"
91 Mork's boss
92 Mork's leader on "Mork & Mindy"
93 Mork's leader on Ork
94 Mork's leader
95 Mork's superior
96 Mork's supervisor on "Mork & Mindy"
97 Mork's supervisor
98 Mormon apostle Pratt
99 "War of the Worlds" narrator Welles
100 Welles from Kenosha
101 Welles of "Chimes at Midnight"
102 Welles of ''Citizen Kane''
103 Welles of 'Citizen Kane'
104 Welles of "Citizen Kane"
105 Welles of film fame
106 Welles of film
107 Welles of filmdom
108 Welles of films
109 Welles of Hollywood
110 Welles of the cinema
111 Welles of the Mercury Theater
112 Welles of the Mercury Theatre
113 Welles of "The Third Man"
114 Welles of "The War of the Worlds"
115 Welles of "Touch of Evil"
116 Welles of "War of the Worlds"
117 Welles on-screen
118 Welles or Bean
119 Welles who broadcast a "Martian invasion"
120 Welles who died the same day as Yul Brynner
121 Welles who narrated an "invasion"
122 Welles who played Kane
123 Welles who starred in "Citizen Kane"
124 Welles with an Oscar
125 Welles
126 Sci-fi author __ Scott Card
127 Sci-fi guy __ Scott Card
128 Sci-fi novelist ___ Scott Card
129 Sci-fi writer __ Scott Card
130 Sci-fi writer ___ Scott Card
131 Sci-fi writer Card
132 Science fiction novelist ___ Scott Card
133 Screen Bean
134 Screen legend Welles
135 Screenwriting Oscar winner Welles
136 Unseen "Mork & Mindy" character
137 Small-screen Bean
138 Yul Brynner died the same day as ___ Welles (odd fact)

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