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Count Answer
1 1940s-'50s White House inits.
2 1940s pres.
3 1940s presidential inits.
4 1940s prez
5 33d Pres.
6 33rd pres.
7 33rd president's monogram
8 33rd prez
9 33rd U.S. pres.
10 33rd U.S. prez
11 '40s-'50s D.C. initials
12 '48 electee
13 Barkley served with him: Abbr.
14 Barkley was his V.P.
15 An F.D.R. V.P.
16 Before D. D. E.
17 Before D.D.E.
18 Berlin Airlift pres.
19 Between F.D.R. and D.D.E.
20 Big inits. in gonzo journalism
21 After F.D.R.
22 A.W.B. was his V.P.
23 Famed man from Mo.
24 Famous D.C. pianist
25 His V.P. was Barkley
26 D.C. monogram
27 D.D.E. preceder
28 D.D.E. predecessor
29 DDE predecessor
30 DDE's forerunner
31 D.D.E.'s predecessor
32 DDE's predecessor
33 FDR / ___ / DDE
34 FDR-DDE connection
35 FDR-DDE go-between
36 FDR follower
37 F.D.R. follower
38 F.D.R. successor
39 FDR successor
40 F.D.R. Veep
41 FDR's follower
42 F.D.R.'s last veep
43 FDR's last vice president
44 FDR's last VP
45 FDR's running mate
46 F.D.R.'s successor
47 FDR's successor
48 FDR's third running mate
49 F.D.R.'s third veep
50 FDR's third VP
51 F.D.R.'s third VP
52 F.D.R.'s veep
53 F.D.R.'s VP
54 Dem. before J.F.K.
55 Honolulu hrs.
56 Honolulu setting: Abbr.
57 GST variation
58 Conferee at Potsdam in '45
59 Eleanor : F.D.R. :: Bess : ___
60 Electee of '48
61 It may be placed before a window
62 Gen. MacArthur's dismisser
63 First U.S. pres. to travel in a submarine
64 Harry
65 Bygone presidential inits.
66 It's two hours behind Pacific: Abbr.
67 "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" pres.
68 Ike's predecessor
69 Hawaiian hrs.
70 He appointed the first chairman of the A.E.C.
71 He called the U.S. pres. a "glorified public relations man"
72 He defeated T.E.D.
73 He edged TED in 1948
74 He edged TED in '48
75 He followed FDR
76 He helped Isr. get started
77 He preceded D.D.E.
78 He ran against T.E.D.
79 He served the fewest 20th-century days (83) as U.S. VP
80 He upset T.E.D. in 1948
81 He upset T.E.D.
82 Clock setting on the Big Island: Abbr.
83 Follower of FDR
84 Follower of F.D.R.
85 Independence initials
86 Independence monogram
87 Cold War inits.
88 Former D.C. inits.
89 F. D. R., ___, D. D. E.
90 Former presidential monogram
91 Former White House inits.
92 Initials of '48
93 Inits. in 1940's news
94 Inits. in a 1948 upset
95 Inits. of 1948
96 Fair Deal initials
97 Fair Deal monogram
98 Fair Deal pres.
99 Fair Deal president, for short
100 Combined Fed. and Prov. sales tax
101 V-E Day president
102 V-J Day pres.
103 V-J Day president
104 The 33rd pres.
105 The 33rd U.S. President
106 White House initials, 1945-53
107 White House initials
108 White House inits.: 1945–53
109 White House monogram, 1945-53
110 White House monogram
111 "The buck stops here" monogram
112 "The buck stops here" POTUS
113 "The buck stops here" pres.
114 "The buck stops here" presidential inits.
115 "The buck stops here" prez
116 Margaret's father's monogram
117 Marshall Plan pres.
118 Multitude
119 Winner of the Four Freedoms Award.
120 Winner over T.E.D.: 1948
121 Winner over T.E.D.
122 Maui setting: Abbr.
123 Successor of F.D.R.
124 Successor of FDR
125 Successor to FDR
126 Successor to F.D.R.
127 Korean War leader, for short
128 Korean War pres.
129 V.P. between Wallace and Barkley
130 V.P. for just two months
131 V.P. to F.D.R.
132 VP who became president
133 Point-Four Program inits.
134 Running mate for FDR
135 Truman's monogram
136 Old White House inits.
137 NATO founder
138 NATO ratification signer
139 Merle Miller subj.
140 Merle Miller subject: Abbr.
141 Last WWII president
142 Post-FDR prez
143 Post W.W. II pres.
144 Post-WWII monogram
145 Post-WWII pres.
146 Potsdam Conference attendee: Abbr.
147 One of FDR's V.P.s
148 One of the subjects of the best-selling '02 book "The Conquerors"
149 One-time senator from MO
150 Pres. after FDR
151 Pres. before DDE
152 Pres. between FDR and DDE
153 Pres. during V-J Day
154 Pres. during WWII
155 Pres. elected in '48
156 Pres. from Lamar
157 Pres. from Missouri
158 Pres. initials
159 Pres. on V-E Day
160 Pres. when NATO was formed
161 Pres. when NATO was founded
162 Pres. when the C.I.A. was created
163 Pres. when the cold war began
164 Pres. with a Fair Deal
165 Pres. with the Marshall Plan
166 Missouri initials
167 Missouri monogram
168 President after FDR
169 President after F.D.R.
170 President at the conclusion of WWII
171 President before D.D.E.
172 President before DDE
173 President between FDR and DDE
174 President between F.D.R. and D.D.E.
175 President from Mo.
176 President when the U.N. was created
177 President when WWII ended
178 President who created the N.S.C.
179 Presidential initials.
180 Presidential initials
181 Presidential inits. from Missouri
182 Presidential inits.
183 Presidential monogram
184 Prez after FDR
185 Prez at LBJ's Medicare signing
186 Prez before DDE
187 Prez elected in '48
188 Prez from Mo.
189 Prez when WWII ended
190 Prez who said "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"
191 Pride of Independence, Mo.
192 Only 20th-century president whose three distinct initials are in alphabetical order
193 Only 20th-century prez without a coll. degree
194 Only pres. born in Missouri
195 Only president from Mo.
196 Monogram of the first Cold War president
197 Signer of the UN charter
198 Surprise winner of 1948: Abbr.
199 Well-known monogram
200 Thirty-third president's monogram
201 Three before LBJ
202 Underdog winner over T.E.D.
203 W.W. II Pres.
204 WWII figure
205 WWII president
206 T.E.D. defeater
207 T.E.D. opponent
208 U.S. leader whose poor eyesight kept him out of the USMA
209 Tenth VP to become POTUS

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