'40s NFL coach Greasy ____ crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 1940s Eagles head coach Greasy
2 1960 Wimbledon champ ___ Fraser
3 1960 Wimbledon champ Fraser
4 1960 Wimbledon winner Fraser
5 '40s NFL coach Greasy
6 '60 Wimbledon champ _____ Fraser
7 ___ Fraser of tennis
8 Aussie tennis star Fraser
9 Aussie Wimbledon winner ___ Fraser
10 Author Zora __ Hurston
11 Author Zora ___ Hurston
12 Author Zora _____ Hurston
13 Author Zora -- Hurston
14 Author ZoraHurston
15 Fraser of tennis
16 "Greasy" ___, Hall of Fame coach
17 Greasy Hall of Famer?
18 Greasy in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
19 "Greasy" of football fame
20 Greasy of football
21 Greasy of the gridiron
22 Greasy who won two NFL championships and a World Series
23 Early Eagles coach Earle, nicknamed "Greasy"
24 Grid great Greasy
25 Gridiron great Greasy
26 Gridiron's "Greasy"
27 "Conversations With God" author ___ Donald Walsch
28 Hall of Fame football coach Earle "Greasy" __
29 Hall-of-Fame football coach Greasy
30 Hall-of-Fame football coach Greasy ___
31 Hall of Fame football coach Greasy
32 Hall-of-Fame gridder Greasy
33 Hymnist John Mason ___
34 Harlem Renaissance author Zora __ Hurston
35 Harlem Renaissance writer Zora __ Hurston
36 English hymn translator
37 English hymnist
38 English hymnologist John Mason ___
39 English hymnologist
40 "Jerusalem the Golden" author
41 Football Hall-of-Fame coach Greasy ___
42 Football Hall-of-Fame coach Greasy
43 Football Hall of Fame name
44 Football Hall of Famer Greasy
45 Football Hall of Famer Greasy ___
46 Football Hall-of-Famer Greasy ___
47 Football Hall-of-Famer Greasy _____
48 Football Hall-of-Famer Greasy
49 Football's Greasy ___
50 Football's Greasy
51 John Mason ___, English priest who wrote "Good King Wenceslas"
52 Cole's sidekick
53 Former Canucks coach Harry
54 Novelist Zora ___ Hurston
55 Novelist Zora -- Hurston
56 Longtime Eagles coach "Greasy" ---
57 Middle name on the cover of "Their Eyes Were Watching God"
58 Netman Fraser
59 Pro Football Hall of Famer Greasy
60 "Their Eyes Were Watching God" novelist Zora __ Hurston
61 "Their Eyes Were Watching God" novelist Zora ___ Hurston
62 "Sweat" author Zora ___ Hurston
63 Two-time U.S. Open winner Fraser
64 Writer Zora __ Hurston
65 Writer Zora ___ Hurston
66 Writer Zora -- Hurston
67 Writer Zora --- Hurston
68 Tennis' Fraser
69 Zora __ Hurston
70 Zora ___ Hurston, "Their Eyes Were Watching God" author whose Barnard years included work with anthropologists Margaret Mead & Franz Boas
71 Zora ___ Hurston, writer of the Harlem Renaissance
72 Zora ___ Hurston
73 Zora -- Hurston

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