'40s leading lady Drew crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue '40s leading lady Drew. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
ELLEN 5 '40s leading lady Drew 100%
GLENDA 6 30's leading lady Farrell 76.595744680851%
ADELAIDEAUSTRALIA 17 A leading lady Down Under 68.085106382979%
NITA 4 1920s leading lady ___ Naldi 64%
STARIN 6 Be the leading lady of 63.636363636364%
REHAN 5 Famed leading lady Ada 63.636363636364%
ANNA 4 1930's-40's leading lady born in Russia 62.295081967213%
LUCCI 5 "Daytime's Leading Lady" 56.521739130435%
VERONICALAKE 12 Leading lady in the 40's 56.521739130435%
BESS 4 '40s First Lady 54.054054054054%
BESSTRUMAN 10 '40s First Lady 54.054054054054%
ELEANOR 7 '40s First Lady 54.054054054054%
EVAPERON 8 '40s First Lady 54.054054054054%
ELEANOR 7 1930's-40's first lady 50%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (ELLEN), we also found 272 clues that are similar or possibly related to '40s leading lady Drew.

Count Answer
1 1942 Pulitzer novelist Glasgow
2 1970s Emmy winner Corby
3 1974 Academy Award actress Burstyn
4 1990s ABC sitcom
5 1990's sitcom
6 1990s sitcom about a bookstore owner
7 1990s sitcom
8 1997 Emmy sitcom for comedy writing
9 2010 panelist with Kara, Randy and Simon
10 2014 Academy Awards host DeGeneres
11 2014 Oscars host, familiarly
12 '90s sitcom
13 '90s sitcom bookstore owner
14 '90s sitcom with the landmark "Puppy Episode"
15 "___ Bayne," Foster song
16 ___ Page (she plays Courtney in the upcoming movie "Flatliners")
17 Barkin from N.Y.C.
18 Barkin in Switch
19 Barkin in "This Boy's Life"
20 Barkin of "Animal Kingdom"
21 Barkin of films
22 Barkin of Hollywood
23 Barkin of "Sea of Love"
24 Barkin of "The Big Easy"
25 Barkin of 'The New Normal'
26 Barkin on the big screen
27 Barkin or Burstyn
28 Barkin or Corby
29 Barkin or DeGeneres
30 Barkin or Zwilich
31 ____ Fairclough (First Canadian female Cabinet minister)
32 _____ Fairclough
33 A Tara O'Hara
34 Actress ____ Barkin
35 Actress ____ Burstyn
36 Actress ____ DeGeneres
37 Actress Barkin of "Drop Dead Gorgeous"
38 Actress Barkin or Burstyn
39 Actress Barkin
40 Actress Burstyn of the September 2012 A&E miniseries "Coma"
41 Actress Burstyn
42 Actress Corby who played Grandma Walton
43 Actress Drew
44 Actress Page of "Juno"
45 Actress Page or Barkin
46 Actress Page or Pompeo
47 Actress Page
48 Actress Pompeo of "Grey's Anatomy"
49 Actress Pompeo who stars on "Grey's Anatomy"
50 Actress Pompeo
51 Actress Terry
52 Actress Vera-___
53 Astronaut Ochoa
54 Big name in talk shows
55 Big name in TV talk
56 Big name now out
57 Author Douglas
58 Author Glasgow
59 Author-journalist Goodman
60 "Age of Innocence "character
61 Ballyhooed sitcom of 1997
62 Comedian DeGeneres
63 Four-time winner of the Outstanding Talk Show Host Emmy
64 Comedienne Cleghorne
65 Comedienne DeGeneres
66 Comic ____ DeGeneres
67 Comic DeGeneres
68 Daytime host DeGeneres
69 Daytime star
70 Daytime talk name
71 Daytime talk show host DeGeneres
72 Daytime talk show
73 Daytime talker
74 Daytime talk's DeGeneres
75 Hit 1990's sitcom
76 Hit daytime show
77 "Freeheld" actress Page
78 Hit sitcom
79 "Grey's Anatomy" actress Pompeo
80 "Grey's Anatomy" star Pompeo
81 DeGeneres of afternoon TV
82 DeGeneres of daytime talk
83 DeGeneres of talk TV
84 DeGeneres of TV talk
85 Degeneres of TV
86 DeGeneres or Barkin
87 DeGeneres or Goodman
88 DeGeneres sitcom
89 DeGeneres who voiced Dory
90 DeGeneres who voices Dory
91 DeGeneres's sitcom
92 Groundbreaking 1990s ABC sitcom
93 Groundbreaking 1990s sitcom
94 Groundbreaking 90's sitcom
95 Groundbreaking sitcom originally called "These Friends of Mine"
96 Groundbreaking sitcom
97 Funny DeGeneres
98 Host of the 2007 and 2014 Academy Awards, familiarly
99 Host with "12 Days of Giveaways"
100 Host with four Daytime Emmys
101 Hostess with a television empire
102 Contemporary of Tyra and Phil
103 "Game of Games" name (2018)
104 Controversial 1990s sitcom
105 Controversial sitcom
106 Corby of ''The Waltons''
107 Correspondent of G. B. S.
108 Burstyn from Detroit
109 Burstyn in "Harry & Tonto"
110 Burstyn of "The Exorcist"
111 Burstyn of ''The Exorcist''
112 Burstyn of the screen
113 Burstyn or Barkin
114 Burstyn or Drew
115 Burstyn or Glasgow
116 Burstyn or Pompeo
117 Burstyn or Terry
118 Burstyn
119 First name in comedy, talk and game shows
120 First name in daytime talk
121 First name in daytime TV
122 First name in talk show hosts
123 First name in talk shows
124 First name in talk TV
125 First name in talk
126 First name in TV talk
127 First name of two first ladies
128 "I like my coffee like I like my men... I don't drink coffee" quipster
129 CoverGirl colleague of Rihanna and Taylor
130 Girl’s name
131 Girl's name
132 Cancelled ABC sitcom
133 Glasgow
134 Glasgow or Drew
135 Glasgow or Goodman
136 Glasgow or Terry
137 "In This Our Life" novelist Glasgow
138 Dory voicer DeGeneres
139 Former ABC sitcom
140 Former "American Idol" judge DeGeneres
141 Journalist Goodman
142 Heroine of "The Lady of the Lake"
143 Former "Idol" judge with Simon, Kara and Randy
144 Drew or Terry of stage fame
145 Drew or Terry
146 "Juno" actress Page
147 "Juno" star Page
148 'Juno' star Page
149 Columnist Goodman
150 Dancing TV host
151 Governor's daughter in "Lakmé"
152 Oscar host after Jon
153 Oscar host between Seth and Neil Patrick
154 Ripstein of "Wordplay"
155 Oscar-winner Burstyn
156 Oscar winner Burstyn
157 Oscars host before and after Jon
158 "The ___ DeGeneres Show"
159 Pulitzer columnist Goodman
160 Pulitzer novelist Glasgow
161 Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Goodman
162 Novelist Glasgow
163 Pulitzer-winning novelist Glasgow
164 Vera ___ of musicals
165 "Puppy Episode" sitcom
166 Shaw's friend ___ Terry
167 The first Mrs. Woodrow Wilson
168 Ms. Barkin
169 She followed Jon as the Academy Awards host
170 Ms. DeGeneres
171 She replaced Paula on "American Idol"
172 She succeeded and preceded Jon as host of the Academy Awards
173 She voiced Dory in "Finding Nemo"
174 She voices Dory
175 Page in a film guide
176 Page in a Hollywood film
177 Page in a Hollywood script?
178 Page in a movie theater
179 Page in People magazine?
180 Page in the movies
181 Page of a movie script?
182 Page of film
183 Page of films
184 Page of "Inception"
185 Page of "Juno"
186 Page of "X-Men" movies
187 Page on screen
188 Page or Barkin
189 Page or Pompeo of acting
190 Page or Pompeo
191 Page who played Juno
192 The "her" of "Leave Her to Heaven"
193 Page who was Juno in "Juno"
194 Mary ___ Chase
195 The Lady of the Lake.
196 Winner of four Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Talk Show Host
197 Voice of Dory in "Finding Nemo"
198 Voicer of Dory in "Finding Nemo"
199 The other woman in "The Age of Innocence"
200 Soprano Shade of the Met
201 Soprano Shade
202 Sue __ Ewing, Linda Gray's "Dallas" role
203 Show host who likes to dance
204 Name in daytime talk
205 Show with a noted coming out
206 "Lady of the Lake" lady
207 "Lakmé" soprano
208 Pompeo of "Grey's Anatomy"
209 Pompeo or Page
210 Popular 1990's sitcom
211 Popular 90's sitcom
212 Popular afternoon talk show, familiarly, and a homophonic hint to this puzzle's four longest answers
213 Popular afternoon talk show
214 Popular talk show
215 Paula's "American Idol" replacement
216 Paula's replacement
217 Newspaper columnist Goodman
218 Miss Burstyn
219 Miss Douglas of Loch Katrine.
220 Miss Drew
221 Miss Terry
222 Leonardo's "Inception" co-star
223 President Arthur's wife
224 Liberian president and Peace Nobelist ___ Johnson Sirleaf
225 Oprah's "Epic Rap Battles of History" foe
226 TV comic Degeneres
227 Sigourney's role in "Alien"
228 TV host DeGeneres
229 TV host who promotes meatless Mondays
230 TV host with "12 Days of Giveaways"
231 TV sitcom
232 TV talk star
233 TV's DeGeneres
234 Suspect #7
235 Sitcom featuring "The Puppy Episode"
236 Sitcom most famous for "The Puppy Episode"
237 Sitcom of the 1990s
238 Sitcom originally titled "These Friends of Mine"
239 Sitcom set in a bookstore
240 Sitcom that debuted in 1994
241 Sitcom with a coming-out episode
242 Sitcom with a famous "outing"
243 Scarlett O'Hara's mom
244 Scarlett's mom
245 Scarlett's mother
246 Writer Glasgow
247 Talk host DeGeneres
248 Scott heroine.
249 Scott heroine
250 Talk show biggie
251 Talk show host DeGeneres who appeared in CoverGirl ads
252 Talk show host DeGeneres
253 Talk show name
254 Talk show since 2003, familiarly
255 Scott's Lady of the Lake
256 "X-Men: Days of Future Past" actress Page
257 Standup-turned-TV host
258 "Sea of Love" star Barkin
259 Television personality DeGeneres
260 Title host of a talk show featuring dance routines
261 Title owner of a sitcom bookstore
262 Title sitcom bookstore owner
263 Titular host of TV's "Game of Games"
264 Self-named sitcom
265 Stephen Foster's "_____ Bayne"
266 Terry of stage fame
267 Terry of stage
268 Terry of the theater
269 Terry or Burstyn
270 Terry or Drew
271 Terry or Glasgow
272 Terry

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