'40s First Lady crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue '40s First Lady. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
BESS 4 '40s First Lady 100%
BESSTRUMAN 10 '40s First Lady 100%
ELEANOR 7 '40s First Lady 100%
EVAPERON 8 '40s First Lady 100%
IDA 3 1900 First Lady 80%
BESS 4 1940s first lady 77.41935483871%
FALA 4 '40s First Dog 75.862068965517%
BESS 4 1940's first lady 75%
MAMIE 5 1950s first lady 70.967741935484%
ELEANOR 7 1930's first lady 68.75%
BESS 4 1940s first lady Truman 63.157894736842%
LAURA 5 2000s first lady Bush 61.111111111111%
EVAPERON 8 1946-'52 first lady 58.823529411765%
ABIGAIL 7 1797-1801 first lady Adams 48.780487804878%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (BESS), we also found 135 clues that are similar or possibly related to '40s First Lady.

Count Answer
1 1940s-'50s White House name
2 1940s first lady
3 1940s first lady Truman
4 1940's first lady
5 1953 Jean Simmons title role
6 20th-century first lady
7 '50s first lady
8 A First Lady of the 50's
9 A First Lady
10 A Truman
11 Actress Armstrong
12 Black ___ (Dick Turpin's mare)
13 Common horse name
14 Breakthrough role for Leontyne Price
15 Edward ___ cosmetics
16 British royal nickname
17 Eleanor's follower as first lady
18 Eleanor's follower
19 Eleanor's successor
20 Eleanor's White House successor
21 Brown ___ (British Army musket)
22 Brown ___ (old musket)
23 Houdini's wife
24 Elizabeth diminutively
25 Elizabeth, familiarly
26 Housewife of Independence, Mo.
27 Diminutive of a girl's name.
28 First lady after Eleanor
29 First lady before Mamie
30 First lady between Eleanor and Mamie
31 First Lady of the 1940s
32 First Lady of the 40's
33 First lady Truman
34 First Lady's first name
35 First name in first ladies
36 England's Good Queen ___
37 England's "Good Queen"
38 Gershwin folk-opera role
39 Gershwin heroine
40 Gershwin opera heroine
41 Gershwin operatic heroine
42 Gershwin soprano
43 Gershwin title character
44 Gershwin title heroine
45 Gershwin's "___, You Is My Woman Now"
46 Harry Houdini's wife
47 Harry S Truman's missus
48 Harry S. Truman's wife
49 Harry Truman's first lady
50 Harry Truman's wife
51 Harry's First Lady
52 Harry's helpmate
53 Harry's lady
54 Harry's mate
55 Harry's missus
56 Harry's Mrs.
57 Harry's spouse
58 Harry's wife
59 "I Loves You, Porgy" singer
60 "I Loves You Porgy" singer
61 "I've Got a Secret" panelist Myerson
62 Crown's girl, in a 1935 opera
63 Heroine of a Gershwin opera
64 Former first lady
65 Former first lady's first name
66 Former first lady's name
67 "Good Queen ___"
68 Good Queen ___
69 Good Queen _____
70 Good Queen
71 Former Miss America Myerson
72 Former resident of the White House.
73 Catfish Row denizen
74 Catfish Row gal
75 Catfish Row heroine of opera
76 Catfish Row opera heroine
77 Catfish Row resident
78 Catfish Row soprano
79 Catfish Row woman
80 Mamie's predecessor in the White House
81 Mamie's predecessor
82 Mamie's White House predecessor
83 Margaret Truman's mom
84 Margaret's mom
85 Wife of Harry S
86 Wife of H.S.T.
87 Mrs. Harry Truman
88 Mrs. H.S.T.
89 Mrs. Truman
90 Ms. Armstrong
91 She followed Eleanor
92 Role for Leontyne Price
93 Role in a Gershwin opus
94 She preceded Mamie
95 She seldom harried Harry
96 She succeeded Eleanor
97 The Good Queen
98 She was wild about Harry
99 "The Highwayman" daughter
100 Mary Margaret's mother.
101 She's after Eleanor
102 Queenly name
103 Queenly nickname
104 Musical character who sings "Leavin' fo' de Promise' Lan'"
105 Soprano role since 1935
106 Myerson who was the first Jewish Miss America
107 Myerson
108 Name for an English queen
109 Truman's first lady
110 Truman's true woman
111 Lady of Independence.
112 Nancy Drew sidekick
113 Oldest living First Lady
114 Partner of Porgy
115 'Porgy and --'
116 "Porgy and __"
117 "Porgy and ___" (Gershwin opera)
118 "Porgy and ___"
119 Porgy's beloved
120 Porgy's girlfriend
121 Porgy's lady
122 Porgy's love
123 Porgy's mate
124 Porgy's partner
125 Porgy's woman
126 Longest-lived first lady
127 Nickname for Elizabeth I
128 Nickname of Harry Truman's wife
129 Miss Myerson
130 "Summertime" singer
131 Tudor monarch moniker
132 Tudor queen, informally
133 Sportin' Life gives her a dose of happy dust
134 Téa's "Madam Secretary" role
135 "What You Want wid ___?" (Gershwin tune)

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