'40s boxer Billy crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue '40s boxer Billy. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
CONN 4 '40s boxer Billy 100%
CONN 4 Boxer Billy 74.074074074074%
ZALE 4 40's boxer Tony 70.967741935484%
ODETO 5 '-- Billy Joe' 46.666666666667%
TEX 3 1830s-'40s Southwestern republic: Abbr. 36.363636363636%
MELOTT 6 1920s-'40s baseballer with a retired "4" 35.714285714286%
CONN 4 Boxer Billy known as "The Pittsburgh Kid" 35.087719298246%
STEEP 5 12th track on "Billy Breathes" 34.782608695652%
DECO 4 1920s-'40s art style 33.333333333333%
NYE 3 1920's-40's North Dakota senator Gerald 32.727272727273%
OTT 3 11-time 1930's-40's All-Star 31.818181818182%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (CONN), we also found 83 clues that are similar or possibly related to '40s boxer Billy.

Count Answer
1 1946 Louis opponent
2 AKA Constantine Falkland Cary (Smythe)
3 Grasso's state: Abbr.
4 Boxer Billy known as "The Pittsburgh Kid"
5 Boxer Billy
6 Hockey pioneer Smythe
7 Hockey's ___ Smythe Trophy
8 Constitution St.
9 Fifth st.
10 Fifth state: Abbr.
11 Fifth state to join the Union: Abbr.
12 Fifth state to ratify the Constitution: Abbr.
13 Didi in "Grease"
14 Didi of "Grease"
15 Didi of "Grease" and "Grease 2"
16 Didi of ''Grease''
17 Didi of "Shining Time Station"
18 Didi who played Frenchy in “Grease”
19 Didi who played Frenchy in "Grease"
20 Direct a helmsman
21 Direct a ship's steering
22 George W. Bush's birthplace: Abbr.
23 Hartford's st.
24 Hartford's state (Abbr.)
25 Hartford's state: Abbr.
26 Its official song is "Yankee Doodle": Abbr.
27 It's south of Mass.
28 Its st. bird is the American robin
29 Its st. song is "Yankee Doodle"
30 Its state song is "Yankee Doodle": Abbr.
31 It's west of R.I.
32 Do some piloting
33 Joe Louis foe, Billy
34 Former boxing champ Billy
35 Nutmeg St.
36 The Constitution St.
37 NY neighbor
38 N.Y. neighbor
39 The fifth st.
40 Mass. neighbor
41 Massachusetts neighbor: Abbr.
42 "Shining Time Station" actress
43 The NHL's ___ Smythe Trophy
44 The Nutmeg State: Abbr.
45 The Nutmeg State (abbr.)
46 Mystic place: Abbr.
47 Litchfield's loc.
48 Part of New Eng.
49 NCAA basketball champs, U-___
50 NE state
51 N.E. state
52 Neighbor of Mass.
53 Neighbor of NY
54 Neighbor of N.Y.
55 Neighbor of R.I.
56 Loser to Joe Louis in 1946
57 Loser to Louis: 1946
58 New Eng. state
59 Louis challenger
60 Louis foe in '41
61 One of the 13: Abbr.
62 One of the orig. 13
63 Onetime boxing champ Billy
64 Opponent for Louis
65 R.I. neighbor
66 Twice-beaten Joe Louis challenger
67 U___ (2004 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball champs, for short)
68 St. of the Union
69 St. whose official song is "Yankee Doodle"
70 Stamford setting: Abbr.
71 Stamford's state: Abbr.
72 Yale Univ. state
73 ''You Light Up My Life'' star
74 State: Abbr.
75 State south of Mass.
76 State that's bisected by a same-named river (abbr.)
77 State west of R.I.
78 State where Geo. W. Bush was born
79 Smythe of hockey
80 Smythe of the Hockey Hall of Fame
81 U.S. state where Yale and Wesleyan are
82 Sen. Purtell's state: Abbr.
83 Where Hartford is: Abbr.

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