'40s-'50s "Giant Brain" crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue '40s-'50s "Giant Brain". You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
ENIAC 5 '40s-'50s "Giant Brain" 100%
ENIAC 5 '40s "Giant Brain" 87.80487804878%
ENIAC 5 1940s "Giant Brain" 80.952380952381%
ENIAC 5 1946's "Giant Brain" 74.418604651163%
ENIAC 5 '40s-'50s computer 58.536585365854%
ENIAC 5 "Giant Brain" of the '40s 54.166666666667%
HST 3 '40s-'50s D.C. initials 52.173913043478%
ALROSEN 7 '40s-'50s Cleveland Indians slugger 51.724137931034%
REESE 5 40's-50's Dodger great 44.444444444444%
ABBOTT 6 40's-50's comedy team member 43.137254901961%
ENIAC 5 1940s creation called a "giant brain" in the press 41.095890410959%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (ENIAC), we also found 120 clues that are similar or possibly related to '40s-'50s "Giant Brain".

Count Answer
1 1940s ancestor of Watson
2 1940s computer
3 1940s creation called a "giant brain" in the press
4 1940s "Giant Brain"
5 1946 creation originally intended to calculate ballistics tables
6 1946 high-tech unveiling at the Univ. of Pennsylvania
7 1946 high-tech unveiling
8 1946 high-tech wonder
9 1946 University of Pennsylvania computing invention
10 1946 University of Pennsylvania invention
11 1946's "Giant Brain"
12 1947 computing patent subject
13 30-ton computer introduced in 1946
14 30-ton computer
15 30-ton military brain
16 '40s-'50s computer
17 '40s computer
18 '40s "Giant Brain"
19 Ancestor of the modern digital computer
20 Ancestor of today's computers
21 Acronymic computer of the 1940s
22 Big computer of the 1940s (or actor Michael in reverse)
23 Big computer of the 1940s
24 Big name in computer history
25 Granddaddy of all computers
26 Granddaddy of all modern computers
27 Granddaddy of digital computers
28 Historic computer
29 Historic mainframe
30 Historic name in supercomputers
31 Early 30-ton computer
32 Early computer acronym
33 Early computer that weighed 30 tons
34 Early computer
35 Early computing acronym
36 Early digital computer
37 Early mainframe name
38 Early supercomputer
39 Computer built under the code name "Project PX"
40 Computer developed in the 1940s
41 Computer granddaddy
42 Computer of 1946
43 Computer of the 1940s
44 Computer of the '40s
45 Computer that contained 17,468 vacuum tubes
46 Computer that debuted in 1946
47 Computer that had 17,468 vacuum tubes
48 Computer that was designed to calculate W.W.II artillery firing tables
49 Computer that weighed 30 tons
50 Computer unveiled in 1946
51 Computer with 18,000 vacuum tubes
52 Computing behemoth
53 Computing machine displayed in part at the Smithsonian
54 Device originally made to calculate artillery firing tables
55 Huge 1940s computer
56 Huge computer unveiled in 1946
57 Digital computer of yore
58 Digital computer
59 First all-purpose digital computer
60 First computer
61 First digital computer
62 First electronic computer
63 Calculating 30-ton monster of the '40s
64 "Giant Brain" in 1946 headlines
65 "Giant Brain" introduced in 1946
66 "Giant Brain" of 1940s headlines
67 "Giant Brain" of 1946
68 "Giant Brain" of the 1940s
69 "Giant Brain" of the '40s
70 "Giant Brain" that debuted in 1946
71 "Giant Brain" unveiled in 1946
72 Giant computer unveiled in 1946
73 Giant with 17,468 vacuum tubes
74 High-tech 1940s acronym
75 High-tech marvel decommissioned in 1955
76 Pioneer computer of 1946
77 Pioneer computer
78 Pioneering 1940's computer
79 Pioneering 1940s computer
80 Pioneering '40s computer
81 Pioneering computer, for short
82 Pioneering computer of the 1940s
83 Pioneering computer
84 Vacuum tube innovation of 1946
85 Rival of the Small-Scale Experimental Machine
86 Massive early computer
87 Massive old computer
88 Room-filling computer unveiled in 1946
89 Room-size computer introduced in 1946
90 Room-size computer unveiled in 1946
91 Room-sized computer
92 Room-sized supercomputer
93 Subject of the 1973 Honeywell v. Sperry Rand case
94 Subject of the documentary "Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of W.W. II"
95 Old 30-ton computer
96 Old computing acronym
97 Postwar digital marvel
98 PC ancestor
99 PC progenitor
100 Military computer built under the codename "Project PX"
101 One of the first computers
102 Penn's "Giant Brain"
103 Machine that was called the "Giant Brain"
104 Product of the Army's Project PX
105 Revolutionary computer
106 Supercomputer built at the University of Pennsylvania
107 U. of Penn. early computer
108 Thirty-ton computer
109 Six women at Penn programmed it
110 World's first computer
111 World's first large-scale computer
112 Univac I predecessor
113 Univac's predecessor
114 Tech marvel of the 1940s
115 Technological achievement of 1946
116 Seminal '40s computer
117 Seminal mainframe
118 Seminal supercomputer
119 So-called "Giant Brain" of 1946
120 So-called "Giant Brain" unveiled in 1946

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