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Crossword clues for ABILENE

Count Answer Clue
1 ABILENE Dwight Eisenhower's hometown
2 ABILENE Dyess Air Force Base site
3 ABILENE Central Texas city
4 ABILENE Early home of D.D.E.
5 ABILENE Home of DDE's library
6 ABILENE Home of the Eisenhowers.
7 ABILENE Home to Dyess A.F.B.
8 ABILENE Home to Dyess Air Force base
9 ABILENE Eisenhower Center locale
10 ABILENE Eisenhower Center site
11 ABILENE Eisenhower Library city
12 ABILENE Eisenhower Library locale
13 ABILENE Eisenhower Library setting
14 ABILENE Eisenhower library site
15 ABILENE Eisenhower Presidential Library setting
16 ABILENE Eisenhower's boyhood home
17 ABILENE Chisholm Trail cow town
18 ABILENE Chisholm Trail end
19 ABILENE Chisholm Trail stop
20 ABILENE Chisholm Trail terminus
21 ABILENE Chisholm Trail town
22 ABILENE Chisholm Trail's Kansas terminus
23 ABILENE Hardin-Simmons University setting
24 ABILENE Hardin-Simmons University site
25 ABILENE City between Fort Worth and El Paso
26 ABILENE City in central Texas
27 ABILENE City in Lone Star state
28 ABILENE City in Texas or Kansas
29 ABILENE City on the Smoky Hill River
30 ABILENE City that's home to the Eisenhower Library
31 ABILENE City west of Dallas
32 ABILENE Ike's boyhood home
33 ABILENE Ike's early home
34 ABILENE Ike's hometown
35 ABILENE Kansas city at the end of the Chisholm Trail
36 ABILENE Kansas city where Dwight Eisenhower grew up
37 ABILENE Kansas home of D.D.E.
38 ABILENE Kansas home of the Eisenhower Presidential Library
39 ABILENE Kansas marshalcy for Hickok
40 ABILENE Kansas or Texas city
41 ABILENE Kansas site of the Eisenhower Presidential Library
42 ABILENE Kansas town on the Chisholm Trail
43 ABILENE Where young Ike lived
44 ABILENE Town that Wild Bill Hickok was marshal of
45 ABILENE McMurry University city
46 ABILENE McMurry University site
47 ABILENE One of Ike's homes
48 ABILENE Site of Hardin-Simmons Univ.
49 ABILENE Site of the Eisenhower Center
50 ABILENE Site of the Eisenhower Library
51 ABILENE West Texas Fair and Rodeo setting
52 ABILENE Seat of Taylor County, Texas
53 ABILENE Seat of Texas's Taylor County
54 ABILENE Smoky Hill River city
55 ABILENE Young Ike's residence
56 ABILENE Where 5,775 proud Kansans live.
57 ABILENE Where Eisenhower grew up
58 ABILENE Texas city named for a Kansas city
59 ABILENE Texas city near Dyess Air Force Base
60 ABILENE Texas city
61 ABILENE Texas home of Hardin-Simmons University
62 ABILENE Texas or Kansas city

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