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On this page we'll show you all of the clues for ABFAB we have in our database from previous crossword games.

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Crossword clues for ABFAB

Count Answer Clue
1 ABFAB 1990s Britcom, briefly
2 ABFAB 1990s Britcom, familiarly
3 ABFAB 1990s sitcom on the Beeb
4 ABFAB '90s-'00s Britcom
5 ABFAB 90's Brit sitcom
6 ABFAB '90s Britcom whose theme song is "This Wheel's on Fire"
7 ABFAB '90s Britcom
8 ABFAB Bawdy Britcom, briefly
9 ABFAB BBC show, familiarly
10 ABFAB BBC sitcom
11 ABFAB BBC sitcom, familiarly
12 ABFAB BBC sitcom, for short
13 ABFAB BBC sitcom involving the Monsoon family, briefly
14 ABFAB BBC sitcom, to fans
15 ABFAB Beeb comedy
16 ABFAB Award-winning British sitcom, to fans
17 ABFAB Hit BBC comedy, briefly
18 ABFAB Hit Britcom, briefly
19 ABFAB Eddy and Patsy's sitcom, to fans
20 ABFAB Brit sitcom, briefly
21 ABFAB Brit sitcom of the '90s
22 ABFAB Britcom, briefly
23 ABFAB Britcom, for short
24 ABFAB Britcom made into a 2016 film, informally
25 ABFAB Britcom of the 1990s, informally
26 ABFAB Britcom of the '90s
27 ABFAB Britcom on TV Guide's "Top Cult Shows" list
28 ABFAB Britcom starring Jennifer Saunders
29 ABFAB Britcom with Bo Turtle and Saffron Monsoon
30 ABFAB Britcom with Edina and Patsy
31 ABFAB Britcom with Monsoon and Stone
32 ABFAB Britcom with the characters Edina and Patsy
33 ABFAB British sitcom with the theme song "This Wheel's on Fire," familiarly
34 ABFAB Classic BBC sitcom, to fans
35 ABFAB Classic Britcom
36 ABFAB Jennifer Saunders' BBC sitcom, informally
37 ABFAB Jennifer Saunders Britcom
38 ABFAB Jennifer Saunders/Joanna Lumley series, familiarly
39 ABFAB Joanna Lumley/Jennifer Saunders series, for short
40 ABFAB Cult Britcom with the theme song "This Wheel's On Fire"
41 ABFAB Former sitcom on the Beeb
42 ABFAB Series with the pilot episode "Fashion," familiarly
43 ABFAB Racy British sitcom, informally
44 ABFAB Raunchy BBC comedy, briefly
45 ABFAB Raunchy BBC comedy, informally
46 ABFAB Popular 1990's sitcom from England, informally
47 ABFAB Popular BBC America show, for short
48 ABFAB Popular BBC import, for short
49 ABFAB Popular British comedy, informally
50 ABFAB Popular British sitcom, briefly
51 ABFAB Popular British sitcom, for short
52 ABFAB Long-running Britcom
53 ABFAB Long-running former BBC comedy, for short
54 ABFAB Long-running sitcom on the Beeb
55 ABFAB Patsy and Edina's Britcom, to fans
56 ABFAB Ribald BBC comedy, informally
57 ABFAB Saunders/French Britcom
58 ABFAB Sitcom import, briefly
59 ABFAB UK sitcom, to fans