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Crossword clues for ABES

Count Answer Clue
1 ABES $5 bills, in old slang
2 ABES $5 bills, in slang
3 ABES $5 bills, informally
4 ABES $5 bills, slangily
5 ABES $5 bills, so to speak
6 ABES $5 bills
7 ABES "__ Honest Words" (biography for kids)
8 ABES Beame and Burrows
9 ABES Beame and Fortas
10 ABES Beame and Lincoln
11 ABES Beame and Saperstein
12 ABES Beame and Vigoda, e.g.
13 ABES Beame and Vigoda
14 ABES Beame et al.
15 ABES Actor Vigoda and others
16 ABES Actor Vigoda et al.
17 ABES Honest one and namesakes
18 ABES "Honest" one and namesakes
19 ABES Honest ones' namesakes
20 ABES Honest one's namesakes
21 ABES Honest ones
22 ABES Copper heads?
23 ABES Fins
24 ABES Finskies
25 ABES Burrows and Beame
26 ABES Burrows and Fortas
27 ABES Burrows and Lincoln
28 ABES Burrows and Vigoda
29 ABES Burrows et al.
30 ABES Five-dollar bills, in slang
31 ABES Five-dollar bills, slangily
32 ABES Five-spots
33 ABES Fivers, in slang
34 ABES Fivers
35 ABES Fives
36 ABES Fives, in old slang
37 ABES Helps hold up, e.g.
38 ABES Former New York City mayor Beame and others
39 ABES Former Sen. Ribicoff et al.
40 ABES Fortas and Burrows
41 ABES Fortas and Lincoln
42 ABES Fortas and others
43 ABES Fortas and Ribicoff
44 ABES Fortas and Vigoda
45 ABES Fortas et al.
46 ABES Fortas, Vigoda, etc.
47 ABES Justice Fortas and others
48 ABES Vigoda and Burrows
49 ABES Vigoda and Fortas
50 ABES Vigoda and Lincoln
51 ABES Vigoda et al.
52 ABES Vigoda's namesakes
53 ABES "Oddworld: ___ Oddysee" (1997 PlayStation game)
54 ABES Playwright Burrows et al.
55 ABES Lincoln and Beame
56 ABES Lincoln and Burrows
57 ABES Lincoln and Fortas
58 ABES Lincoln and others, informally
59 ABES Lincoln and others
60 ABES Lincoln and Ribicoff
61 ABES Lincoln and the like
62 ABES Lincoln and Vigoda
63 ABES Lincoln, Beame and Ribicoff
64 ABES Lincoln, Beame et al.
65 ABES Lincoln, et al.
66 ABES Lincoln et al.
67 ABES Lincoln's namesakes
68 ABES Kobo and Burrows
69 ABES Mayor Beame et al.
70 ABES Nancy Hanks' son and others.
71 ABES Penny heads
72 ABES Ribicoff and Lincoln, familiarly
73 ABES Ribicoff et al.
74 ABES Two of them are worth a sawbuck
75 ABES Two of them make a sawbuck
76 ABES Saperstein and Simpson
77 ABES Saperstein and Vigoda
78 ABES Sawbuck halves
79 ABES Ten-spot halves

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