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Crossword clues for ABA

Count Answer Clue
1 ABA 1960s-70s hoops league, for short
2 ABA 1960s-70s pro hoops league
3 ABA 1960s-'70s pro hoops league
4 ABA '70s hoops grp.
5 ABA "___ Daba Honeymoon"
6 ABA ___ Journal (legal periodical)
7 ABA Bar org.
8 ABA Basketball org. defunct since 1976
9 ABA Basketball org.
10 ABA Apparel for Arafat
11 ABA Bedouin garment
12 ABA Bedouin robe
13 ABA Bedouin's cloak
14 ABA Bedouin's robe
15 ABA Arab cloak
16 ABA Arab garb
17 ABA Arab garment
18 ABA Arab outer garment
19 ABA Arab outerwear
20 ABA Arab overgarment
21 ABA Arab robe
22 ABA Arab wear
23 ABA Arabian cloak
24 ABA Arabian garment
25 ABA Arabic cloak
26 ABA Arabic outer garment
27 ABA Arab's cloak
28 ABA Arab's coat
29 ABA Arab's garb
30 ABA Arab's garment.
31 ABA Arab's garment
32 ABA Arab's outer garment
33 ABA Arab's outer wear
34 ABA Arab's robe.
35 ABA Arab's robe
36 ABA Arab's toga
37 ABA Arafat covering
38 ABA Attorneys' gp.
39 ABA Attorney's group
40 ABA Attorneys' group: Abbr.
41 ABA Attorneys' grp.
42 ABA Attorney's grp.
43 ABA Attorneys' org.
44 ABA Attorney's org.
45 ABA Attorneys' organization: Abbr.
46 ABA Att.'s group
47 ABA Atty. assn.
48 ABA Atty. group
49 ABA Atty. grp.
50 ABA Atty. org.
51 ABA Atty. resume letters
52 ABA Atty.'s assn.
53 ABA Atty's assn.
54 ABA Atty.'s governing body
55 ABA Attys.' gp.
56 ABA Atty.'s gp.
57 ABA Attys.' group
58 ABA Atty's. group
59 ABA Atty.'s group
60 ABA Atty's. grp.
61 ABA Atty.'s org.
62 ABA Attys.' org.
63 ABA Atty.'s organization
64 ABA Advocate's gp.
65 ABA Advocates’ org.
66 ABA Advocates' org.
67 ABA "Avenue Q" song, "What Do You Do with ___ in English?"
68 ABA Ally McBeal's org.
69 ABA D.A.'s group
70 ABA Dave DeBusschere was its last commissioner: Abbr.
71 ABA Free org. for law students
72 ABA Early NBA rival
73 ABA Defenders' org.
74 ABA "Defending Liberty, Pursuing Justice" org.
75 ABA "Defending Liberty Pursuing Justice" org.
76 ABA ''Defending Liberty, Pursuing Justice'' org.
77 ABA Defense gp.?
78 ABA Defense org.?
79 ABA Defunct basketball org. with a colorful ball
80 ABA Defunct cage gp.
81 ABA Grisham's gp.
82 ABA Defunct hoops gp.
83 ABA Defunct hoops org. with a red, white and blue ball
84 ABA Defunct hoops org.
85 ABA Defunct NBA rival
86 ABA Defunct org. with a red-white-and-blue ball
87 ABA Defunct sports league that used a red, white and blue ball: Abbr.
88 ABA Defunct sports league with a colorful ball
89 ABA Defunct sports org. since 1976
90 ABA Defunct sports org. since '76
91 ABA Defunct sports org. that included the Kentucky Colonels and the San Diego Conquistadors
92 ABA Defunct sports org.
93 ABA Isaac Asimov mystery "Murder at the ___"
94 ABA Isaac Asimov's "Murder at the ___"
95 ABA Group an atty. gen. might address
96 ABA Group for D.A.'s
97 ABA Group for esqs.
98 ABA Group for prosecutors and other lawyers: Abbr.
99 ABA Group of attys.
100 ABA Group of lawyers, in brief
101 ABA Group offering a Safe Proofing LLCs course
102 ABA Grp. concerned with defense
103 ABA Grp. concerned with precedents
104 ABA Grp. dealing with cases
105 ABA Grp. featuring objectors?
106 ABA Grp. for a defensive person?
107 ABA Grp. for counselors
108 ABA Grp. making case studies?
109 ABA Grp. of justices
110 ABA Grp. of lawyers
111 ABA Grp. of objectors?
112 ABA Grp. that might defend you
113 ABA Grp. that rates Supreme Court nominees
114 ABA Felted goat's hair fabric
115 ABA Grp. with many objectors?
116 ABA Grp. with suits and cases
117 ABA Denver Nuggets' orig. league
118 ABA Fund for Justice and Education org.
119 ABA Hoops league of old
120 ABA Desert cloak
121 ABA Desert coat
122 ABA Desert wear
123 ABA It has a How Courts Work web page
124 ABA It has many lawyers
125 ABA Host of an annual convention attended by publishers: Abbr.
126 ABA Hair fabric
127 ABA Garb for a Bedouin
128 ABA Garb for Omar
129 ABA Garb like a burnoose
130 ABA Garb like a caftan
131 ABA Chicago-based law org.
132 ABA Garment for a Yemenite
133 ABA Garment of camelhair
134 ABA It once competed with the NBA
135 ABA It sets standards for attys.
136 ABA Bunch of attys.
137 ABA Counselor's gp.
138 ABA Counselor's org.
139 ABA Counselors' org.
140 ABA Counsels' org.
141 ABA Its first champion was the Pitt. Pipers
142 ABA Bygone court org. -- or current court org.
143 ABA Bygone hoops grp.
144 ABA Bygone hoops org.
145 ABA Court grp.
146 ABA Court inits.
147 ABA Court org. - or a former court org.
148 ABA Court org., or a former court org.
149 ABA Court org. or old court org.
150 ABA Court org.
151 ABA Cagers' org. of yore
152 ABA Covering on the Sahara
153 ABA Camel hair coat
154 ABA Camel-hair coat
155 ABA Camel-hair fabric
156 ABA Camel hair fabric
157 ABA Camel-hair garment
158 ABA Camel hair garment
159 ABA Esq. group
160 ABA Esquires' grp.
161 ABA Cameleer's robe
162 ABA Camel's-hair cloak
163 ABA Camel's hair fabric
164 ABA Camel's-hair fabric
165 ABA Ethics-policing grp.
166 ABA Cloak for an Arab
167 ABA J.D.'s org.
168 ABA Gloria Allred's org.
169 ABA In an alt. universe, its motto might be "Represent, yo"
170 ABA Jidda garb
171 ABA Coarse fabric
172 ABA Goat and camel hair fabric
173 ABA Goat fabric
174 ABA Goat-hair garment
175 ABA Goat's-hair fabric
176 ABA Coat for a Berber
177 ABA Johnnie Cochran's org.
178 ABA Current or former court org.
179 ABA Dr. J once played for them
180 ABA Dr. J once played in it
181 ABA Dr. J played in it
182 ABA Dr. J's first league: Abbr.
183 ABA Dr. J's first league
184 ABA Dr. J's first pro league
185 ABA Dr. J's former grp.
186 ABA Dr. J's former league
187 ABA Dr. J.'s league, once
188 ABA Dr. J's league, once, for short
189 ABA Dr. J's league, once
190 ABA Dr. J’s old league: Abbr.
191 ABA Dr. J's old org.
192 ABA Dr. J's one-time league
193 ABA Dr. J's org., once
194 ABA Former court gp.
195 ABA Judge Judy's org.
196 ABA Judges' gp.
197 ABA Judges' org.
198 ABA Judge's org.
199 ABA Former hoops league
200 ABA Judicial org.
201 ABA Judicial ratings grp.
202 ABA Former NBA competitor
203 ABA Former NBA rival
204 ABA Case studier's org.
205 ABA Case workers' org.
206 ABA Case workers' org.?
207 ABA Case worker's org.?
208 ABA Former org. of the Pacers and the Spurs
209 ABA F. Lee Bailey org.
210 ABA F. Lee Bailey's org.
211 ABA Fabric woven from goat hair
212 ABA Jurisprudence org.
213 ABA Jurists' gp.
214 ABA Jurist's org.
215 ABA Jurists' org.
216 ABA Justice league?: Abbr.
217 ABA Justices' gp.
218 ABA Justices' org.
219 ABA Governing org. for lawyers
220 ABA Gp. concerned with defense?
221 ABA Gp. dealing with cases
222 ABA Gp. for people with suits
223 ABA Org. with a red, white and blue ball
224 ABA Org. with many judges
225 ABA Org. with partners
226 ABA Org. with red, white and blue balls, once
227 ABA Org. with suits and cases
228 ABA Org. with the motto "Defending Liberty, Pursuing Justice"
229 ABA Organization for attorneys: Abbr.
230 ABA Organization for lawyers
231 ABA Organization of lawyers (Abbr.)
232 ABA Noted org. with a brief history?
233 ABA Kentucky Colonels' org.
234 ABA "The ___ Daba Honeymoon"
235 ABA "The _____ Daba Honeymoon"
236 ABA Whom the A.G. addresses
237 ABA Whom the A.G. might address
238 ABA 'The -- Daba Honeymoon'
239 ABA Oakland Oaks' org.
240 ABA Trade group for attorneys: Abbr.
241 ABA Trade group for trust cos.
242 ABA Sheik's garment
243 ABA The New York Nets were its last champs: Abbr.
244 ABA The NY Nets were its final champions
245 ABA The N.Y. Nets were its last champion
246 ABA The Oakland Oaks' league, for short
247 ABA Trial org.
248 ABA Tricolored ball league
249 ABA Suit makers' org.?
250 ABA Suit-making gp.?
251 ABA Suit-making grp.?
252 ABA Litigators' grp.
253 ABA Litigators' league: abbr.
254 ABA Litigators' org.
255 ABA Litigator's org.
256 ABA Old cager's org. with a colorful ball
257 ABA Old cagers' org.
258 ABA Old court org.
259 ABA Old hoops gp.
260 ABA Old hoops grp.
261 ABA Old hoops org.
262 ABA Part of a terza rima rhyme scheme
263 ABA Old NBA competitor
264 ABA Old NBA rival
265 ABA Old N.Y. Nets league
266 ABA LL. B.'s org.
267 ABA LL.B.'s group
268 ABA LLB's org.
269 ABA Old sports org. using colorful balls
270 ABA Old sports org. with a red-white-and-blue ball
271 ABA Old sports org. with a red, white and blue ball
272 ABA Old sports org. with the Kentucky Colonels
273 ABA Old sports org. with the Virginia Squires
274 ABA Omani robe
275 ABA NBA competitor, once
276 ABA NBA rival, for a time
277 ABA Law-abiding org.
278 ABA Law gp.
279 ABA Law group: Abbr.
280 ABA Law grp.
281 ABA "Law News Now" journal publisher: Abbr.
282 ABA Law org.
283 ABA "Law Practice Magazine" publisher
284 ABA Law school accreditation org.
285 ABA Law school accrediting org.
286 ABA Law school accreditor, for short
287 ABA Law school-sanctioning org.
288 ABA Law school standards-setting org.
289 ABA Nets' ex-league
290 ABA Mideastern fabric
291 ABA Lawyerly grp.
292 ABA Lawyers assn.
293 ABA Lawyers belong to it (Abbr.)
294 ABA Lawyers belong to it
295 ABA Lawyer's governing body, briefly
296 ABA Lawyer's gp.
297 ABA Lawyers' gp.
298 ABA Lawyers' group: Abbr.
299 ABA Lawyer's grp.
300 ABA Lawyers' grp.
301 ABA Lawyer's org.
302 ABA Lawyers' org.
303 ABA Lawyers' organization: Abbr.
304 ABA Lawyers' professional group: Abbr.
305 ABA Lawyers' trade group: Abbr.
306 ABA LawyersÂ' org.
307 ABA Laywers' org.
308 ABA Practice grp.?
309 ABA Practicing grp.
310 ABA League Dr. J started in
311 ABA League in which Dr. J's pro career began
312 ABA League of legal eagles (abbr.)
313 ABA League that used a red, white and blue ball, for short
314 ABA League where Dr. J's pro career began
315 ABA League with a red, white and blue ball
316 ABA League with the Spirits of St. Louis: Abbr.
317 ABA Precursor to the NBA that ended because it was so dumb
318 ABA Legal-eagle org.
319 ABA Legal eagle's org.
320 ABA Legal eagles' org.
321 ABA Legal gp.
322 ABA Legal grp.
323 ABA Legal org.
324 ABA Legal stds. maintainer
325 ABA One-time hoop gp.
326 ABA Nigerian city
327 ABA Perry Mason's org.
328 ABA NLRB Update sponsor
329 ABA Reno's grp?
330 ABA Letters for lawyers
331 ABA Letters of attorney?
332 ABA Pro basketball league no more
333 ABA Professional org. since 1878
334 ABA Org. Ally McBeal would belong to, were she real
335 ABA Org. concerned with briefs
336 ABA Org. concerned with defense
337 ABA Org. concerned with suits
338 ABA Org. for a DA
339 ABA Org. for a D.A.
340 ABA Org. for advocates
341 ABA Org. for arguers?
342 ABA Org. for arguers
343 ABA Org. for attorneys
344 ABA Org. for attys.
345 ABA Org. for Belli
346 ABA Org. for both Bill and Hillary Clinton
347 ABA Org. for cagers
348 ABA Org. for case workers
349 ABA Org. for Cochran
350 ABA Org. for counselors
351 ABA Org. for court figures
352 ABA Org. for D.A.'s
353 ABA Org. for defenders
354 ABA Org. for Johnnie Cochran
355 ABA Org. for lawyers
356 ABA Org. for L.L.B.'s
357 ABA Org. for Marvin Barnes
358 ABA Org. for McBeal
359 ABA Org. for Perry Mason
360 ABA Org. for Rehnquist
361 ABA Org. for some court figures
362 ABA Org. for suit pressers?
363 ABA Rhyme scheme
364 ABA Org. for those who represent
365 ABA Org. in a 1976 sports merger
366 ABA Org. many lawyers belong to
367 ABA Org. of attorneys
368 ABA Org. of defenders
369 ABA Org. originating the three-point shot
370 ABA Org. popular with authors
371 ABA Org. rating jurists
372 ABA Org. sponsoring a literary fair
373 ABA Org. that accredits law schools
374 ABA Org. that grants permission to practice
375 ABA Org. that included the Kentucky Colonels
376 ABA Org. that lobbies for lawyers
377 ABA Org. that provides law school accreditation
378 ABA Org. that publishes Probate & Property
379 ABA Org. that sets law school standards
380 ABA Org. that the Indiana Pacers once belonged to
381 ABA Org. that was the 1967-76 home to the Nets, Nuggets, Pacers, and Spurs
382 ABA Org. the Attorney General might address
383 ABA Org. the Utah Stars belonged to
384 ABA Org. whose annual convention many authors attend
385 ABA Tuareg's robe
386 ABA 'TheDaba Honeymoon'
387 ABA Saharan garb
388 ABA Saharan garment
389 ABA Silver Gavel Award org.
390 ABA Simple rhyme scheme
391 ABA Saudi garment
392 ABA Sports group: Abbr.
393 ABA Sports league that used a red-white-and-blue ball: Abbr.
394 ABA Sports org. in a 1976 merger
395 ABA Sports org. of 1967-76
396 ABA Sports org. whose first champ was the Pittsburgh Pipers
397 ABA Sports org. with a red, white, and blue ball
398 ABA Taft became its president after his term as U.S. president
399 ABA What attys. join
400 ABA What briefs are delivered in, in brief
401 ABA Sleeveless Arab garment
402 ABA Sleeveless robe worn by Arabs.
403 ABA "What Do You Do With ___ in English?" ("Avenue Q" song)
404 ABA "What Do You Do With ____ in English?" ("Avenue Q" song)
405 ABA Yemeni garment
406 ABA ''Semi-Pro'' org.
407 ABA Where Dr. J first operated professionally
408 ABA Where Dr. J's pro career began: Abbr.
409 ABA Where Dr. J's pro career began
410 ABA Terza rima rhyme scheme
411 ABA Utah Stars' org.

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