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Crossword clues for AANDE

Count Answer Clue
1 AANDE "American Hoggers" channel
2 AANDE ''American Justice'' channel
3 AANDE "Bates Motel" airer
4 AANDE "Bates Motel" channel
5 AANDE "Beyond Scared Straight" channel
6 AANDE "Billy the Exterminator" network
7 AANDE "Biography" cable channel
8 AANDE Biography Channel owner
9 AANDE "Biography" channel
10 AANDE ''Biography'' network
11 AANDE "Biography" network, once
12 AANDE "Biography" network
13 AANDE "Duck Dynasty" airer
14 AANDE "Duck Dynasty" channel
15 AANDE "Duck Dynasty" network
16 AANDE History Channel owner
17 AANDE "Intervention" airer
18 AANDE "Intervention" channel
19 AANDE "Intervention" network
20 AANDE "Hoarders" airer
21 AANDE "Hoarders" channel
22 AANDE "Hoarders" network
23 AANDE Bravo alternative
24 AANDE Bravo rival, briefly
25 AANDE Home of "Biography"
26 AANDE Home of ''Biography''
27 AANDE Home to "Biography"
28 AANDE Home to "Storage Wars"
29 AANDE FYI owner
30 AANDE "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" channel
31 AANDE "City Confidential" network
32 AANDE Cable channel
33 AANDE Cable choice
34 AANDE Cable network specializing in "real life" shows
35 AANDE Cable network that airs "Criss Angel: Mindfreak"
36 AANDE "Flip This House" airer
37 AANDE ''Flip This House'' channel
38 AANDE "Flip This House" network
39 AANDE Docudramas airer
40 AANDE "Crime 360" network
41 AANDE "Criss Angel: Mindfreak" network
42 AANDE "Dog the Bounty Hunter" airer
43 AANDE "Dog the Bounty Hunter" channel
44 AANDE "Dog the Bounty Hunter" network, and a hint to the theme in this puzzle's four longest answers
45 AANDE "Dog the Bounty Hunter" network
46 AANDE "Cold Case Files" airer
47 AANDE "Cold Case Files" carrier
48 AANDE Former "Biography" channel
49 AANDE Where to see "The Sopranos" nowadays
50 AANDE "Storage Wars" airer
51 AANDE Storage Wars airer
52 AANDE "Storage Wars" channel
53 AANDE "Storage Wars" network
54 AANDE The Biography Channel parent
55 AANDE "The Cleaner" channel
56 AANDE Owner of The History Channel
57 AANDE "The First 48" airer
58 AANDE "The First 48" channel
59 AANDE "King of Cars" airer
60 AANDE "Panic 911" airer
61 AANDE "Parking Wars" cable channel
62 AANDE "The Two Coreys" channel
63 AANDE "Live PD" airer
64 AANDE Network with a bounty hunter
65 AANDE Lifetime parent
66 AANDE Sister of the Biography Channel

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